Well, it’s been another day of catch up! I’m in the BEE Weave it or Not! bee (with the usual suspects:) and I needed to catch up on May and June.
I started with the FABRIC SELECTION! I made neat workable piles on my sewing table. This is a great paper piecing pattern because you can use small scraps.

I did mass chain piecing keeping everything in order. It definitely went faster than if I did them one-by-one. Sometimes the pile was neater than other times!


First up are Sol and Mel’s second blocks. Both turned out bright and fun. And Mel’s critter count is high with the adorable Laurie Wisbrun elephants and some lightning bugs.

And I love the text in the middle of Sol’s blocks. I’m thinking that I’m going to do a quilt with text fabric for the sashing; it’s on the list!!

Then I did Sarah’s blocks. She also requested the text middle. I hooked her up with some Heather Ross:) I’m in love with the solids version!!


And finally Nydia! Nydia is the genius behind this great block design. She is doing a ROYGBIV quilt and wanted a warm block and a cool block. I’m currently solids obsessed so I wanted to do all solids. Unfortunately, my stash doesn’t quite support that plan in the warm department. I was able to do the cool block which is either an example of my awesome stash or a sign that I have a problem- look at it however you want. I’m quite pleased with the results!


Next up, lots of store samples! Stay tuned:)
xo Lee

A Little Pillow Talk

Against my better judgment, I decided to join The Pillow Talk Swap 8 this summer. It’s a really quick turnaround. I need to mail by the beginning of July-eek!! I’ve just learned hand appliqué so I wanted to put my skills to use (read: practice)! I started out by mapping out a plan in Illustrator and my favorite activity- fabric selection!
I came up with this:
It is kind of slow going… Also, upon closer inspection of my partner’s mosaic, I decided she might like something a little more scraptastic. So, back to the drawing board, and I put together these yummy fabrics:
And I pieced this!
I don’t have a lot of experience with diamonds (or mitered corners for that matter!). And I’m still pretty sure that I’m no diamond expert. This project should be titled, “I seam ripped more than I sewed!” But I’m so pleased with the results that I don’t even mind! I’m considering putting this up as my first tutorial, would y’all like to see that?

Alison, of Little Island Quilting
was my partner for the swap and she’s a speed denom, so it already arrived! Move your keyboard, there may be drooling…feel free to be jealous!


xo LC

Bee blocking sort of day…

I’m in quite a few bees right now and today I decided I was going to play catch up! My favorite part is selecting the fabrics. So, once I checked out all my beemates mosaics, I went to my stash and pulled the good stuff. I also decided to do a little improv. I cut 6.5″ squares of four different fabrics for each block. Then I cut them in different ways. Finally I added sashing to the middles to make them the proper size. Each one turned out different, but they sure were fun to make:)

Sarah and I are hosting a great bee- Bee a Lone Star(burst)! It’s a great group and the block is really fun to make. The block was designed by Anna of Six White Horses and you can download it here. These blocks are for Mel!! She really hooked me up in the great Tula expedition (more on that later…), so I had to make her blocks extra special! They’ve been done FOREVER, but I just now sewed the points together and squared them. I used a lot of my favorites in these- Tula, Kaffe, Aneela, Lizzy, Amy, Joel, Denyse- lots of good stuff!!



And here is Hollie‘s first block, I love me some pearl bracelets, so with aqua and orange to work with, I had to do a pearl bracelet extravaganza!! She wanted red as the thin strip which really makes the colors pop. It’s one of my favorite blocks that I’ve made for this bee.


I’m also working away on quite a few samples for Studio Stitch and Sew Original! I’m doing a lot of classes with quarter with my patterns- more on that tomorrow!

xo LC


Practice. Practice. Practice.

I’m currently working away on a chevron voile quilt. It’s pretty sweet and will be a tutorial on my blog soon. Today, I cut some prints out of quilters’ cotton to make a trial run. I’m making a few practice versions before cutting the oh so precious voile, but everything is based on maximizing the voile with little waste. Here’s a sneak peak:)


What do you think of my first sample fabrics?

xo LC

Happy Fathers’ Day!!

Happy Fathers’ Day to the best Dad on the planet, the original P.U.D. (parental unit Dad)! Thanks for supporting all my creative endeavors and occasionally offering assistance from your crafty alter ego, Jym:)

I also have to give a shout out to Dad’s fam. After yesterday’s post, he was kind enough to shoot me this email:

Don’t forget primo seamstress Lulee. The Culbertsons/Richardsons/Boyds knew a thing or two about cloth. You might be familiar with the work of Nancy Minerva Georgia Elizabeth ……although I can’t recommend that for a blog name.

And he is correct, my sewing prowess comes from all sides of the family! Thanks Dad…for all the creativity and for being one of my two followers:)

xo LC

From the desk of LC

The blog is finally happening…it’s been a long time coming. You know, I decided on Thursday, so here we are. I’m looking forward to sharing all my musings on sewing, creating, teaching, designing and everything else that happens in the sewing room and beyond.

First off, the name. Mine is Lee Chappell and my great-grandmother was May Chappell. I come from a long line of seamstresses (and Chappells for that matter…). I learned everything I know from my mother and she learned from her mother and so on. There has been thread on the floor (and the occasional misplaced pin…) in my families’ homes for generations:) Oh the joy of creating! I chose the name as a little tribute to all those that came before me!

I already have many planned posts for y’all (and even a giveaway or two up my sleeve) and I hope y’all will let me know what you think!

xo LC (Lee Chappell)