Well, it’s been another day of catch up! I’m in the BEE Weave it or Not! bee (with the usual suspects:) and I needed to catch up on May and June.
I started with the FABRIC SELECTION! I made neat workable piles on my sewing table. This is a great paper piecing pattern because you can use small scraps.

I did mass chain piecing keeping everything in order. It definitely went faster than if I did them one-by-one. Sometimes the pile was neater than other times!


First up are Sol and Mel’s second blocks. Both turned out bright and fun. And Mel’s critter count is high with the adorable Laurie Wisbrun elephants and some lightning bugs.

And I love the text in the middle of Sol’s blocks. I’m thinking that I’m going to do a quilt with text fabric for the sashing; it’s on the list!!

Then I did Sarah’s blocks. She also requested the text middle. I hooked her up with some Heather Ross:) I’m in love with the solids version!!


And finally Nydia! Nydia is the genius behind this great block design. She is doing a ROYGBIV quilt and wanted a warm block and a cool block. I’m currently solids obsessed so I wanted to do all solids. Unfortunately, my stash doesn’t quite support that plan in the warm department. I was able to do the cool block which is either an example of my awesome stash or a sign that I have a problem- look at it however you want. I’m quite pleased with the results!


Next up, lots of store samples! Stay tuned:)
xo Lee

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