To Pin or Not to Pin

I am on a Quilting Retreat with the guru (Mom) and our friend Lisa. Everyone has to teach something! I asked Lisa to teach me English paper piecing with hexagons. I got a lesson on this from Becky at Appliqué Bee last week as well. Both are pros and I like to hear how everyone does it so I can develop my own technique. After Becky’s lesson, I made a perfect little hexie. Just the one:)

Tonight after Lisa’s lesson, I made this flower! The hexies are just an inch…this is definitely the only time I plan on working this small!!

So I decided to make it a pincushion! A fun night and a finished product (except for some hand sewing by the guru tomorrow…)!! I love it!

And fun scissor fabric back!

Having so much fun! Wish you were here Sarah:)
UPDATE: Finished! The guru has sewn her up!!

xo LC

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