The Theory of Color

I’m teaching Color Theory again this quarter at Studio Stitch! And adding it at Sew Original!! So excited:) I love color SO I love talking about it and teaching it. I just finished up the sample for Studio Stitch. I used solids which gives it a totally different feel!

My usual scraptastic version is hanging at Sew Original.

The block was designed by Anna of Six White Horses and you can download it here. I set the block on point and made the elements of the block in grey for the four corners.
Which version do y’all prefer?
xo LC

7 thoughts on “The Theory of Color

  1. Lee i am kinda obsessing over the solids right now not completely willing to give up on prints but lovin the solids!

    • I could never entirely give up prints!! But I am considering an all solids quilt in my very near future:)

  2. Both versions are so fabulous! I used to dislike solids, because when I started quilting, the selection of fabrics was so poor. In the past year, I’ve come to appreciate solids again. I love the solid model best, and especially how you’ve worked PINK into the rainbow so successfully. Bravo on both!

  3. I love this. I live in San Antonio, Texas. I was able to find the star template and have made the center star. My question is for the 4 grey corners, are they the same size as the center pieces?

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