Cutting Up

Today I went to Sew Original to meet with one of my students. Sarah is new to sewing- she just got her first machine:) And she wants to make her baby a quilt.
She’s signed up for my Wonky Star class. Sarah is having a boy and wanted to use yellow and grey. I met her and her husband last week for fabric selection and now we needed to get everything cut. She’s using some Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 with an Etchings print and a polka dot print. It’s going to be awesome! Here she is!

Obviously I convinced her that fussy cutting birds was a brilliant idea…because it always is!! She fussy cut birds from the sparrow print first. When I showed her standard cutting, she was WAY more into that. She did a great job!

Everything cut!

Sarah’s baby is due August 18, will we finish??? I think so:)
xo Lee

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