Off to the Races

The Olympics came to Sew Original today! We had a jelly roll race!! For those of you not familiar, you take a jelly roll and sew all the strips together to make a quilt top (or back!). If you want to make this or host a race, here is a great tutorial.
Muriel, Holly, Lisa and I were racing. The “fans” could choose one gal to cheer for and if they won, they’d get a discount. The guru came and I suggested she cheer on someone else. I wanted her to get a discount and I was not super confident;)
And we were off…
Lisa with a smug smile…did she have a secret weapon?

Shelby…the secret weapon!!

Muriel…where’s the end? Where’s the end?!

And we’re not sure what she’s doing here!

Holly…cruising along!

And me!!

I had a minor snafu midway through, but still pulled off a second place finish!! But the winner is… LISA! Yay!!
And these adorable quilt tops will be quilted for charity!

All in all, a fun day! I might need to make one for myself;)
xo LC

3 thoughts on “Off to the Races

  1. You are a brave soul… That line up ( including yourself) is fierce competion! You ought to be proud! And all for a great cause. Bet it was a blast too. Kudos!

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