Feeling Lonestary…

Last night was part deaux of Color Theory at Sew Original. It’s a great group and they did so well! Each one of them chose something unique for their wall hanging.
They each finished a quadrant.
Here’s Laurie’s! She is doing a color wheel with bright prints. I like how she is using different scale fabric. She did a wonderful job of figuring out what color each fabric “reads” as. If a fabric has a few different values of a color or multiple colors, you have to decide what it will read as. A great tip to do this…take a picture on your camera phone, it’s easier to tell how it will read in a small image than by looking at the fabric.

Marty also did a fabulous job! She made a wheel out of all fruit and vegetable prints. I don’t know how she found them all, but I love it! She is going to put each color on the neighboring point. So when it is finished, there will be a lot of movement.

And Joyce! Joyce struggled with her choices, or so she tells me. Her choices are awesome! She loves muddy colors (colors with grey in them) and decided to make a wheel of muddy colors. She is rotating her fabrics throughout for a windmill effect. She did a great job at finding fabrics that were not only the right color for the spot, but also all of her prints complemented one another. Well done!!

And Tammy! She is doing a wheel with the pure color as the diamond and a lighter tint (color + white) and darker shade (color + black). All of her darker shades are solids which helps balance the wheel. And she chose a very cool print for the background!! She also snuck out before I got a picture:( You’ll just have to imagine the amazingness!! I’ll post a pic as soon as she sends it.
Another helpful tip if you’re going to paper piece something like this where placement is important: Lay out all the papers as they will be once all pieced together. Label each quadrant with the fabric that belongs there. And remember, if you want your wheel to go clockwise, label counter-clockwise (as you’re labeling the back). Make sense?
We missed Carole and Peggy last night as they were out of town. We are going to meet again in a few weeks and I hope (fingers crossed!) that Laurie, Marty, Joyce & Tammy will arrive with completed wheels! I cannot wait to see:)
I’m also adding a Color Theory II class next quarter at the request of this crew. I will be talking about the most efficient way to organize your stash. And lots of ideas for your sewing room. It’s going to be informative and fun!
I am loving the color wheels they’ve done. What type of color wheel would you want to make?
xo LC

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