Bordering on Perfect

Borders can be the perfect way to complete a quilt! I like to make sure my quilt stays square and flat. There are LOTS of awesome books and tutorials on measuring and attaching borders- many with parts of this method, I’m sure. Plus the guru has passed along all her skills! This is how I do things:)
I measure the quilt. You’ll want to measure down the middle. I also measure the two edges to ensure its fairly close to the center measurement. Measure both directions of your quilt. This quilt is square, but when we measured, they were .5″ different. We will do the top and bottom borders first.

Next I cut two strips to this measurement x the width of the border (don’t forget your seam allowance). I tend to put my seams off center; I think they’re less noticeable.

Now fold the quilt top in half and mark the center with a pin. Also mark the center of your border.

Align the center of the quilt with the center of the border. Obviously, you’ll want your edges to align; I photographed it this way so that you could see the alignment.

Next, you’ll pin either corner. I add an additional pin to the other edge to make sure my border is sewn on square.

You will want to pin halfway between the pins. And then halfway between those pins. Ease in any differences in the length of your border and quilt top.

Now you attach the left and right side borders. You have already measured this width. You will add both the border widths (don’t forget your seam allowance:). If your quilt top measures 100 and your finished border width is 5, you would do 100 + 5 + 5 + .25 +.25.

Attach these borders using the same process. Finished!

Special thanks to my friend Suzie for letting me take pictures of her doing this process to share with you!! This is her FIRST QUILT! It looks amazing; I’m so proud!!

Let me know if y’all have any questions!! This process always works for me to get a flat, square quilt top:)
xo LC

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