Back at the Top of the Class

I’ve already told y’all about how great my students have been doing this summer. Well, Color Theory had a make up class last week and you have to see what they’ve done!
First off, Joyce came with her wall hanging complete and ready to quilt! She did an AMAZING job. And her quilting is going really well. This is the first time that she’s machine quilted!!

You have to see a close up!!

Peggy came in with gorgeous bright batiks. She is going to use a bright pure batik in each diamond with warm neutral inner borders. And she put a batik with both those colors in it for the outer border. Once she has it all pieced, it will be beautiful! (and probably make more sense…)

Carole just came home from a visit to Seattle. While she didn’t buy any of these fabrics there, the fabrics she selected definitely have a Pacific Northwest vibe. We worked through her choices and she’s going to piece at home. She’s using a lot of fabrics that are special to her. It’s going to be very cool!

I also have been plugging away on my VOILE QUILT! I’ve dreamed of having a voile quilt for YEARS! So I decided it was time to teach a class on it. I’ve read every book, article, blog, snippet and tweet on the subject! And I’m ready:) Here’s my sample for Studio Stitch!! And I’m working away on my sample for Sew Original.

And I have a big announcement! I’m adding classes at the Sew Original Boone location! They will be October 11-12. I’m teaching Color Theory, Voile Quilt and The Designer Star! If you (or anyone sewing folk you know) are going to in that area for the classes, come join the fun!
xo LC

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