Is it time for a GIVEAWAY?

I love free loot! Who doesn’t?! My best friend and I have a long standing tradition of entering one another in strange contests. She once won a “Fabulous Character Themed Birthday Party featuring Anne of Green Gables.” She probably would have loved it if her upcoming birthday hadn’t been her sweet sixteen! The joke was on me when she won a drum set and promptly sold it for a few hundred bucks. But I digress… This is a giveaway that anyone (that loves to sew) would be thrilled to win!
I am giving away my new pattern:

And some fabric (from my stash) to make it with! Who doesn’t love Amy Butler!?! You will get 5/8 yard of each print.

To enter:
1. Comment below. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won?
2. Follow my blog via email or RSS.
3. Follow me on twitter and tweet the giveaway.
4. Follow me on Facebook and post about the giveaway.
5. Post about the giveaway on your blog!
You can do any or all of these! Please post a separate comment for each one. Plus, if you do all five, you get TWO bonus entries! (Please post two extra comments for your bonus entries:) Entries will close September 21. International folks welcome. The winner will be randomly selected by Mack the Chihuahua (using the random number generator). Make sure to put your email if you are a no reply blogger; I have to let you know you won!!
I’m quite excited for my first giveaway and I hope you are as well:)
xo LC
ps: In case you are not the lucky winner, you can buy a PDF of my pattern or the physical pattern on Etsy!

192 thoughts on “Is it time for a GIVEAWAY?

  1. I’ve won a lot of fun things, but the coolest probably was an art print by Tangerine Meg. It’s something I love and had wanted for a long time, but never would have splurged on.

  2. I’m a new follower. Congrats on your first giveaway. I love your blog header, by the way.

  3. I have only one twice. Both exciting. One was an applique pattern with a bee, ladybug and flowers and a homemade pincushon. Thanks for the chance.

  4. This is a little sad but the best thing I ever won was $100 in a raffle my grandfather bought tickets for. He died a couple days after I received the letter from him so I’ve never forgotten about it. :)

    Lwghosts at yahoo dot com

  5. Now, I have been quite lucky over the years with winning a few things for my grandson like books and toys but the coolest thing I have won for myself was the Silhouette Cameo last December. Merry Christmas to me. I looked on the blog page and say my name but I didn’t believe it until I got the email.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  6. Lee this quilt is just gorgeous and I can’t wait to make it. Gorgeous fabrics too!

  7. The coolest thing I have ever won was a quilt! I am new to seeing and have been wanting a quilt but wasn’t that advanced yet and entered to win one & won! I love the quilt and although I am still not at a professional quilters level I am getting there!
    Thank you for the opportunity(;

  8. fabulous giveaway – pattern looks really good ! the best coolest thing I’ve won is some fat eights of oakshott shot cottons :)

  9. The coolest thing I’ve ever won was $10,000 cash from a local radio station when we were building our house. It paid for our carpeting and a little bit more. The timing was perfect.

  10. The coolest thing I ever won… When I was little, we would go to the County Fair every year. My Mom and Dad would let each of us three girls choose two games to play– one of which was always the “Pick Up Ducks” game — because you *always* won a little prize in that game. One year, for my second game, I chose the Coin Toss game. There was a large tiered display of all sorts of pretty glassware which was slowly spinning around. Basically, you would toss a nickle and if your coin landed in a dish, you would win that dish. I spotted a little saucer with Little Bo Peep on it that I fell in love with. I closed my eyes tightly, made a wish and threw my nickle– and would you believe it!- it landed on that little plate, rolled round and round and finally landed flat– meaning I had WON! I was SO excited!! :-) WInning is always such fun! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  11. I won a pasta making machine once! Will try it when I retire and have more time! awolk at rogers dot com

  12. I haven’t won, but my sister won a sewing machine at the quilt expo last year. That was awesome!

  13. My husband and I won a quilt that our church (myself included) assembled and quilted. It was the first thing we ever won that was of great significance.

  14. Sitting here relaxing after attending YOUR very fun Voile Quilt class today, with an adult beverage and some nibbles. I can’t remember winning anything but my mother won a pony from my cousin’s school when I was a kid. After a year or so we realized he was really a DONKEY!!! Us kids loved him anyway!

  15. coolest thing i’ve ever won…..probably fabric! :) the best kind of prize.

  16. The coolest thing I’ve won was a $150 gift certificate towards custom long arm quilting. I had just finished a quilt that deserved something special. I still haven’t received it back but I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  17. Coolest thing ever was the grand prize color tv at my high school grad party. We had never had a color tv at our house before (1980!), and I surprised my family the next morning by setting it up that night when I got home. Woooooo……color! lol

  18. The coolest thing I have ever won was: Patrick Lose solid FQ, a couple of years ago. The coldest thing I ever won was a frozen duck, at Bingo, when I was about 9 or 10. Not very exciting at that age!

  19. I think the coolest thing was a fat quarter bundle from a fabric store. It was quite a shock and surprise :-)

  20. I haven’t won a lot but one of my favorites was one of Bonnie Hunter’s books…from her :-)
    Your pattern looks like a great design for some beautiful fabrics. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

  21. The coolest thing I ever won was tickets to see Harry Chapin. I got to go back stage and meet him.

  22. The coolest thing that I have won was an ipod shuffle, when they first came out, I gave it to my nephew, who was 8yrs old, and he became the coolest boy in the village.

  23. Last year I was lucky enough to win a baby go! cutter! It gets lots of use amongst my friends and I!!

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