Is it time for a GIVEAWAY?

I love free loot! Who doesn’t?! My best friend and I have a long standing tradition of entering one another in strange contests. She once won a “Fabulous Character Themed Birthday Party featuring Anne of Green Gables.” She probably would have loved it if her upcoming birthday hadn’t been her sweet sixteen! The joke was on me when she won a drum set and promptly sold it for a few hundred bucks. But I digress… This is a giveaway that anyone (that loves to sew) would be thrilled to win!
I am giving away my new pattern:

And some fabric (from my stash) to make it with! Who doesn’t love Amy Butler!?! You will get 5/8 yard of each print.

To enter:
1. Comment below. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever won?
2. Follow my blog via email or RSS.
3. Follow me on twitter and tweet the giveaway.
4. Follow me on Facebook and post about the giveaway.
5. Post about the giveaway on your blog!
You can do any or all of these! Please post a separate comment for each one. Plus, if you do all five, you get TWO bonus entries! (Please post two extra comments for your bonus entries:) Entries will close September 21. International folks welcome. The winner will be randomly selected by Mack the Chihuahua (using the random number generator). Make sure to put your email if you are a no reply blogger; I have to let you know you won!!
I’m quite excited for my first giveaway and I hope you are as well:)
xo LC
ps: In case you are not the lucky winner, you can buy a PDF of my pattern or the physical pattern on Etsy!

192 thoughts on “Is it time for a GIVEAWAY?

  1. By far the coolest thing I have ever won was the best of show block contest at Sisters Oregon Quilt show 2012 (yep, this year!). Doesn’t get any better than that!

  2. I won some scrapbooking supplies on time, but they never came in the mail and I never told the company because I didn’t want to be like “hey where’s my free stuff”!

  3. The coolest thing I ever won would be a patio heater.
    Thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous fabric.

  4. I think the only thing I have ever won was a set of Bar bells. Exciting, NOT. My husband thought it was pretty funny and he got a lot of use out of them. I stubbed my toes on them numerous times, so I guess I got some use too.

  5. I have won a ton of books on book blog giveaways and, they are awesome!! Books and fabric are my two favorite things… well pretty floss too. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. Love the gigantic star pattern!!! And that fabric is luscious! i would love to be included to win. The coolest thing I ever won was from Hormel (the meat company)….a chef would come to my home each week for a year and make a meal for 4. Or i could take the cash equivalent of $9,000. I ended up taking the cash because we have more than 4 in our family, plus i have two daughters who enjoy cooking. It was great!

  7. Several years ago I purchased a Spam scratch-off ticket for my husband while on a trip to Minnesota. I was an inside joke because he loves Spam and I don’t. We forgot to scratch-off until we got home – and discovered we’d won $1000!

  8. Coolest thing I ever won was a tie between an Arrow Olivia sewing cabinet and an arc’teryz gortex waterproof jacket.

  9. I entered the first quilt that I had made, (totally by hand) after I had partially recovered
    from 2 strokes, into a contest. It won 2nd place, and I won $100 worth of fabrics. That
    was totally cool, because I did not know if I could hand quilt again. I was slow, but I
    got it done. Thanks for the chance to win! wigglypup2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  10. I never win anything so I hope I win your AMAZING giveaway, for reals! ha.

    And PS: I’m pretty jealous of all the amazing things the rest of you peeps have won in the past!

  11. The coolest thing I ever won is actually what my mother recently won from the local grocery store — a chest deep freezer — and it is filling up fast with great frozen vegetables from the garden. Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. The coolest thing I have won is a bike from Michelob. My boyfriend saw the contest in the grocery store and next thing you know I won.

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