It’s Always Better in Voile

My obsession with voile is years in the making. And with so many great voile lines coming out, I HAD to teach a voile class. Monday was the Sew Original group. It was a great class- full of friends:) Debbie, Laurie, Jeannie, Lisa & Betty White! (In my head, she’s always Betty White, never just Betty!) We had a great time, check out what they made:




Betty White left before I could snap a pic:( But trust me, it’s awesome!
UPDATE: Here is a picture of Betty White. She is putting hers together slightly differently, but it looks gorgeous so far!!

They all chose different fabrics, but I love every one of them:) I’m obsessed with all the new voiles at the shop.
Yesterday was the Studio Stitch crew. Sarah came into town to take the class! I had not seen her in forever so it was great to hang out talk about fabric and all things sewing! Ann was also in the class; she has taken a few of my classes before and I just love having her! Here is what they made:


I’m so excited about their quilts!!
And here is a pic of our mid afternoon snack:

A fun day of piecing is always made better with the addition of peanut butter & chocolate. Although voile and chocolate do not play well with one another, so be careful!
I’m working on another voile quilt myself. It’s going to live at Sew Original soon and then with the guru after that. It’s part TULA, so it’s perfect.

Here are a few things I’ve learned during all my voile adventures:
–Cutting with a friend is smart. The ruler slides more on voile, so one ruler holder and one cutter can help. Voile cuts like butter, so I cut a lot of layers at once.
–Using a small, sharp needle stopped puckering and made the foundation paper easier to remove. I lowered my stitch length even more than I normally do for paper piecing. I used a Microtex 70 and stitch length 1.3-1.5 on my Bernina.
–Sometimes the piece of fabric at the tip of the triangles would flop around during trimming and sewing, so I started tacking it down in the seam allowance.

–Low loft batting kept the light feel of the voile. I used Warm & Natural. Quilters’ Dream would also work well.
–Pinning was difficult. I started smoothing and pinning in sections. I smoothed out the middle section, pinned that, and then moved to the section. I would fold it back and make sure the back was smooth. I only clamped the middle foot of the quilt to start and then worked out in foot wide sections.

–I tried lots of quilting threads. YLI is usually my top choice, but it was just too heavy. I ended up going with the Metler Silk Finish, which is traditionally a piecing thread.

Voile is tons of fun! And the end result will become your favorite quilt instantly.
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xo LC

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  1. Seriously that was the most fun class! If any of you peeps are in or around NC you HAVE to take this class! Oh and the delicious cuppy cakes were to die for too!

  2. The class was a blast! I’m just glad they keep those cupcakes over there at Studio Stitch. They are SINFUL!!

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