Meet Lakan!

I’ve told y’all about Sarah and Anthony a few times before. They were going to have their first baby and wanted to make him a quilt! Armed with a can-do attitude and knowledge of hand sewing, Sarah signed up for my wonky star class. In addition to class, we met quite a few times for lessons in rotary cutting, pressing, chain piecing, machine quilting…and finished in under a month! Anthony mastered the rotary; Sarah mastered machine sewing. Considering her due date was just days after we finished, I was thrilled. That’s all just back story.
Lakan arrived!! He actually arrived six weeks ago, but we just got together so I could meet him:) He’s beautiful and perfect. He barely fusses or cries:) And if I do say so myself, he likes me! The feeling is mutual, I’m in love with the little guy! Here’s Sarah and Lakan!

And here’s a few shots of Lakan on his quilt!!


He was not really feeling the photoshoot on the quilt. But Sarah sent me this adorableness!!

I’m so happy for them! Every baby needs a quilt made with love:)
xo LC

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