It’s a Colorful World

Today was part two of Color Theory at Sew Original! This is a really good bunch and we had a blast last week:) Susan, Jeannie & Ann couldn’t come this week and were missed! Ann is the guru!! That’s right, the guru is taking classes; it was so fun to have her:)
Karen, Marti & Kathleen are all well on their way to becoming color geniuses! They all selected pure, heavily saturated colors–which are my favorites! I snapped pictures of what they made in class; I’ll have to update when they finish these beauties.
Kathleen made this! She’s doing prints in the diamonds and solids in the outer rings. Her prints are delicious-Tula & Denyse are well represented.

Marti is doing all solids, but using tones (color + white) and shades (color + black) to give the effect of the star bursting!! It’s going to look very cool when it’s all finished.

And finally Ms. Karen! She’s doing prints with two different solids in the outer ring. It’s tough to find all the right solids, but we found them. Here’s what she made.

I love talking about color! They all really took what they learned and put it in the star. Love it!!
xo LC

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