A Place of Pride

Yesterday was session two of Color Theory at Studio Stitch. I only had one student, but Rosie has the personality of ten people! She is hilarious…and I like hilarious!! Check out what she’s started.

My color theory students wanted to impress this week! I received an email from Joyce who finished her wheel; she took Color Theory at Sew Original over the summer. Joyce says she’s a newbie to quilting, but take a look at this!!

She’s done a lot of hand piecing and hand quilting, but had never paper pieced or machine quilted. Can you believe what an amazing job she did??

She loves muddy colors and decided to do a wheel with the colors she loves and uses the most. By rotating each fabric out a section in each row of the star, she got a swirling effect. Gorgeous!! And look at that quilting! I knew Joyce would do great, but this blew me away!!

It looks perfect in her home. Definitely a great choice for her to stick to the colors she loves!

I also received an email from Miss Debbie! She finished her wheel and it has quite the pride of place…over her sewing machine!!

Her colors are vibrant, heavily saturated colors. These are the colors she loves and uses the most. Me too! It is beautiful!!

I just love these! I am so thrilled with what they made:) The starburst block design was done by Anna of Six White Horses.
Yesterday was the introduction of Color Theory II to my teaching line-up; they just couldn’t get enough:) It was all about organizing your stash from the color perspective, with some sewing room tips thrown in. We had lots of fun and I think everyone left with some good ideas. Here’s are a few they were most excited about:
— Fold all your fabric the same. I use this method. Sort by color. I go light to dark within each color. But if your stash has lots of pure and muddy colors, it might make more sense to sort from most saturated to least saturated. You have to do what works for you. I fold on my cutting mat to measure the pieces instead of using other fabrics. (This will only make sense once you watch the video.)

— Keep all the directions/washing instructions for your fusible, batting and rulers in one notebook. Then label the edge of the fusible or batting. I’ve found when I try to pin the directions to it, they always end up lost or damaged. I write it about every 10″ like a selvage.


— Keep a basket near your sewing table for things that need to be put away. Scraps, tools, fabric and anything else! You never want to stop what your doing to put something away properly, so this keeps it from piling up on top of your work area. Full basket=time to put away! Mine is pretty close right now…

— Sort scraps and charms by color. I’ve done a few charm swaps so I’ve built up quite a collection. Fabric needs to breathe, so plastic baggies are not your friend. I made some little mesh bags to hold my charms and scraps. I did binding in the color of the fabric. I have a charm bag and a scrap bag for red, orange, yellow, lime, green, aqua, blue, violet, pink, neutral and multi-color. I use a lot of lime and aqua, so they needed their own bags. I don’t use red-violet, blue-violet, red-orange or yellow-orange as much. These colors will just go where they most belong; if it’s a more yellow version of yellow-orange, it goes in yellow, more orange will go in orange. They were REALLY easy to make. If you must use plastic baggies, leave them open at the top and chop off the corners of the bottom so air will circulate.

— I save nearly every scrap, no matter the size. I find that I’ll use even small pieces. I keep my tiny ones in glass jars. It’s organized AND it looks pretty!!

I love to have everything all organized! While I was researching this class, my friend Holly sent me this blog that she enjoys. It is wonderful!! Full of great ideas! This girl’s sewing room is ridiculous! Trust me, you’ll be jealous.
During class, we also discussed ideas for Color Theory III, so stay tuned for that!
Hope everyone had a colorful day!
xo LC

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