Happy Halloween from Baby O

Yesterday was Halloween (for those of you that weren’t paying attention:)! My good friends Olivia & Jim have an adorable baby named Owen. Owen is almost a year old and just too cute for words. While Olivia was pregnant, I took to calling him Baby O (for Olivia) and then he was named Owen which worked out!
About a month ago, Olivia told me that Baby O needed help for his Halloween costume. Of course, I was thrilled and happy to help!! Baby O was a going to be a cowboy:) Olivia made him a vest, but she needed boots. Hmmm… I can make boots!
Here they are! I used felt and appliquéd on his initials.



Here is Baby O rocking his boots!! Have you ever seen a more adorable cowboy?!?!




Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Love you Baby O!!
xo LC

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