Ribbon Candy Ornament TUTORIAL

Today is the final tutorial for the TWELVE WEEKS OF CHRISTMAS!

I’ve planned a cute (and quick!) ribbon candy ornament!

1. Fabric: You will need three colors of wool felt. I used magenta, bright green and white.

2. Cutting the Strips: Cut a 12″ x 3/4″ strip from each color. Put the lightest color in the middle.

3. Sewing the Candy: Use a strong thicker thread; I used Sulky 12 wt. Use a long sharp needle.

Sew through all three layers. Space your stitches 3/4″ apart. I marked 3/4″ on the exterior pieces using an erasable fabric pen prior to sewing. Do NOT knot the end.

Pull the threads to make the ribbon gather.

It should look like this.

Sew back through all the layers. Take care not to sew through the initial thread, but next to it.

4. Finishing: Knot the threads tightly.

Trim the excess off the ends.

Cut a 12″ piece of ribbon for your hanger. Make a loop by folding it in half and knot.

Hand sew to the top of the candy ribbon.

You’re done! They look festive adorning your tree or adorning your holiday gifts!!

Let me know if you have any questions!!
xo LC

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  2. Super cute! We are having our family Christmas this week-end. I think i’ll take some of my felt for the older children to make this. Candy ribbons are part of our tradition! Thanks so much. B

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