A Pretty Little Success

Yesterday wrapped up the Pretty Little Workshop series at The Little General. We’ve had great fun and made some beautiful things!
The first was was pouches! The tutorial is here. Patsy, Laurie, Gail & Judy each made a lovely pouch and each one is unique to their personalities!

Here’s a close up!

Laurie went into production and made all these on her own! From what I hear from my littles elves, all of them are in mass production mode for the holidays!!



The next week we made potholders! Tutorial found here. Gail, Laurie & Suzie did a wonderful job!

And yesterday we wrapped up with wool pincushions. The wool tutorial is coming soon! But here is a version with quilters’ cotton. Everyone did a great job! Doing blanket stitch on the machine is definitely an acquired skill that needs practice, but they’re well on their way. I forgot to take pictures (agh!!), but Gail sent me a pic of her cute little pinnie!

I had a wonderful time with the Sunday workshops and I think everyone else did too! I’m already looking forward to next year!!
xo LC

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