Sewing for Sandy Hook

I’m certain that a lot of you are sharing the same feelings over the tragedy in Sandy Hook that I am. What is wrong with the world? And what can I do to help?
Well, one thing I can do is sew. Quilter’s Corner in Connecticut is collecting pillowcases. They’re working to collect enough pillowcases to give one to each Sandy Hook Elementary student after the holiday break.
So, let’s get sewing!! This Thursday from 12-6! Gina at The Little General is graciously offering her beautiful shop. She’s also donating ten pillowcase kits to the cause! If you don’t know how to make a pillowcase, I’ll show you:) Bring fabric (Gina’s kits will be just $6 on Thursday), thread, sewing supplies or just come!! I’m bringing a serger and Gina has a classroom full of awesome Berninas!
I heard about this project from one of my bee-mates, Katy. She’s already made this one!!

If you cannot come on Thursday, but still want to send pillowcases, here is the mailing address:
Quilter’s Corner
312 Danbury Road
New Milford CT 06776
Please let me know if you have any questions!! Hope to see you Thursday:)
xo LC
PS Tart Sweets, makers of amazingness, will be dropping by delicious snacks to everyone on Thursday! They make marshmallows!! And snicker doodle cupcakes! Thanks Lynn & Chelsea:)

5 thoughts on “Sewing for Sandy Hook

  1. Oh dear! I want to come and sew pillowcases! I am giving a dinner party Thursday night, so I really don’t think I can fit it in. I will definitely be sewing some on my own and sending them for the Sandy Hook children. Thank you so much for making me aware of this opportunity. You all have fun Thursday!

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