Pretty Pillowcase TUTORIAL

A few people have asked me how I make pillowcases. This is how I do it- based on trying lots of different ways:) The guru and I figure our lifetime pillowcase making count to be around 150; we love to make them!

1. Fabric: You will need three fabrics. Main piece: 24-27″. Accent: 2-3″. Cuff: 9-12″. If my cuff is on the larger side, I do the main fabric on the shorter side and vice versa. Ideally, I use main: 25″, accent: 2″ and cuff: 12″.

2. Sewing on the Accent Piece: Press the accent piece in half lengthwise.

Sew the raw edge side of the accent piece to the right side of the cuff. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance.

3. Cutting the Main Fabric: Fold your main fabric from cut edge to cut edge. Trim off the selvage. **You can skip this step. But I save selvages:) And I find it easier to cut a clean edge before any seams are sewn.**



4. Attaching the Main Fabric: Place the main fabric so that the main fabric and the cuff are right sides together as shown. Sew using a 1/4″ seam.

**NOTE: You can sew these as one seam, but because pillowcases are washed frequently, I think it’s stronger with multiple seams. It is an option though:)
5. Sewing Up the Tube: Take the edge of your main fabric furthest from the cuff and fold it up as shown.

Keep folding it up until it is as small as shown. The goal is to make sure that you don’t snag any of the main fabric when you sew the cuff.

Place it on the cuff side.

Wrap the cuff over. Make sure the main fabric is out of the way.

Pin the cuff. I recommend pinning each end, then putting a pin in the middle. Because one side of the cuff has been sewn and the other has not, they are not exactly the same length anymore. You will be easing in the unsewn edge.

You will want to ensure that the ends align as shown.

Sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance. The larger seam allowance ensures that your previous seams won’t peak out.

Turn the tube right side out.

Press the back first.

Press the front. It should look like this. All your seams are tucked away:)

6. Trimming: Trim the selvage/excess off the accent and cuff. Use the edge of the main fabric as a guide.


7. Finishing: Place your pillowcase right sides together. Pin the area where the accent and cuff meet carefully as shown.


Using a 1/2″ seam allowance, sew from just below the cuff to the edge of the cuff.


Back stitch at the edge to lock your stitches. I usually go back and forth a few times.


Check that your seams align properly.


Go back to the place where you started the side seam. You will want to overlap a few stitches. Sew down the side of the main fabric.


Sew across the bottom. You will want to sew across the side seam as shown.


Finish by using a serger on the two seams. Or a finishing stitch on your machine. Even a zigzag will work; you are just preventing fraying. I use Fray Stoppa on the ends. (Sorry this is a different fabric; I didn’t take a picture of the red dotted one!)


You’re done! (Why yes, I do have Amy Butler sheets… I also have Neptune pillowcases. They both make me happy:)


Let me know if you have any questions!!

xo LC

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