Shall We Crack On?

One of my favorite students (and friend:), Sarah asked me if I’d teach a class while her Mum and sister-in-law were in town. I was delighted of course! Carol, her Mum is visiting from Yorkshire, England and Louise is down from Boston (by way of England and Australia). We met yesterday afternoon at The Little General! They’re both just as much fun as Sarah!! And just as talented! And most importantly, they taught me new British catch phrases; you know I love a good catch phrase!
Polka Dots= Spots
Oopsy Daisy= It means the same thing as in the US, but people over the age of eleven say it!
Zips= Zippers. Sounds so much cuter!
Ladybirds= Ladybugs. I’m adopting this; it seems so much more accurate!
And my all time favorite…Shall we crack on?! Apparently it means “Let’s get started!” I love it!! I only wish I had a lovely British accent to go with it… All my classes might start with it from now on. May Chappell is experiencing the British Invasion!
Meet Louise! She said (and I quote), “I can sew a little. I made my wedding dress.” Om…she can sew! Really well!!

And Carol! She “occasionally sews!” I think I was duped; she’s also really good! She’s a perfectionist and her pouch is perfect:)

And Sarah! She was great, as always! And not afraid to try anything!!

Sarah’s been dying to try pebble quilting since I showed it to her. The moment that I mentioned quilting the pouches, she was ready to pebble quilt. It took great concentration!

Success! I think she’s ready for the big time!!

Louise is heading home with a new hobby (quilting!) and a project to get started:) My pattern! And some beautiful Tula prints!!

Look at their AMAZING pouches!

We really had a wonderful afternoon! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!
Cheerio! LC

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