The First Finish of 2013

2013 is already hopping in my sewing studio! I finished my first quilt!!
This pretty little string quilt is made of voile. It’s foundation pieced on quilters’ cotton. I’m going to be teaching it at The Little General. I think there’s one spot left!

I pieced it last year, but everything else happened this year:)

I love the back! That AMH deer print is one of my all time favorites!

I quilted each square differently. Since the pattern is so busy, I decided it was a good opportunity for practice!

I also have to show off my last quilt of 2012! I made Pave the Way by Karen Gray for my brother! I used lots of Curious Nature with a little Lark, Modern Meadow & Etchings. I did finish the binding in 2013, but I’m still counting it in last year’s accomplishments!

I did a brick back with a solid. I had a million extra rectangles from the front…I’m not sure what happened!

I quilted with loops getting bigger and smaller and turning every which way.


Here’s a warts and all image. There was an incident. At some point during my quilting, I picked up a quilt block that stuck to the back. (I think it happened when I wrapped the almost finished quilt for Christmas morning:) I quilted the block into the back!! It was horrible. To fix it, I picked apart the block thread by thread and tore it out. This took longer than making the quilt. But you know what, life happens and it worked out fine in the end.

How’s everyone else doing? Still finishing some things from last year? Or starting new?
xo LC

6 thoughts on “The First Finish of 2013

  1. I’ve been collecting voile to make a quilt for myself (but don’t live close enough to take your class). For the foundation piecing – did you use a regular quilting weight cotton like Kona Snow or a bella solids? And can you quilt directly to a backing with voile without batting? I am thinking of a light summer quilt but not sure if that would be recommended. Appreciate your tips. And glad you salvaged your quilt – I HATE unpicking – but do it a lot!

  2. That voile string quilt is gorgeous! Sorry about the quilting mishap. That sort of junk happens to me all the time. I just finished my first finish of 2013 too! I should have another tomorrow. I’m cruising!

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