Quilting with Emmaline

Emmaline came to town! She’s my Mom’s first cousin and tons of fun because she also loves sewing, quilting, knitting and crafting!
On Saturday, she and the guru both came with me to visit the Machine Quilting Bee at Sew Original. It’s a new bee for all things machine quilted- domestic and longarm, professional and beginner, show worthy and charity. It’s a wonderful outlet for learning more and sharing what you know!
That afternoon, I helped Emmaline get situated for an afternoon of FMQ on the 830. She brought her Pave the Way quilt to work on. It’s a special one because she bought the kit at Karen Gray’s shop just after being diagnosed with lymphoma. She called it her “To Hell with Lymphoma!” quilt. The perfect way to keep living is to do the things you love with the people you love! God dealt her the double whammy and a second unrelated cancer diagnosis came her way. Thanks to an early catch and speedy treatment, she’s in remission there. But the quilt had to change with her. It became “Really???”. Which is exactly what all of us said! How much can one person endure. She’s doing great, but REALLY???
She was a free motion fool and zipping right through it! It was her first free motion experience on the 830. She did great!

I took every opportunity to write LEE in the quilt:) It is actually difficult to FMQ and not write LEE! Here’s a close up of her swirlys.

She’s not quite finished but I promise a completed shot once she is.
While she quilted away, I worked on my binding! My latest Designer Star which has lots of pebbles. Big reveal later this week once the weather is nice and I can get good photos!

I just took a binding workshop from my quilty friend Gina. I love to take classes because even if it’s something you know how to do, you’ll learn so much. She totally changed my binding technique:) Highly recommend that class!
Emmaline even helped me bind while we watched tv!

xo LC

6 thoughts on “Quilting with Emmaline

  1. I found out about that group late last week but it sounds like something I would be interested in doing and I would love to join you guys in the near future. Emmaline’s quilt looks beautiful, can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. Sounds like a lot of FMQ fun.
    And I think that *Really???* is looking very beautiful.
    Glad to hear that E is fighting through and sorry to learn that she has had to endure so much.

  3. That quilt will be quite the story one day :) I am going to FMQ Lee’s all over everything once I finally figure out how to do it LOL… and I adore the idea of sharing binding time while watching tv together… that is so special :)

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