Sew Sew Modern 2

Are y’all ready to sew up something MODERN and amazing?! Mel and I are hosting another round of SEW SEW MODERN. It is a blind swap and we will be making one large item and one complementary small item. This is a swap for experienced swappers who love to make all things modern!! There were so many amazing things in round 1; I wanted all of them:) Check out what I sent and received!


SIGNUPS: Begin on February 13 and end on February 20. We will close at 50 participants.


MAIL DATES: May 20 for International. May 27 for domestic. Do not mail before May 10!

You must have lots of MODERN awesomeness in your photostream to join the group.

You will make one large item and one small item that complements it based on what your secret partner wants. A tote with a journal inside. A sewing machine cover with a pincushion. Or maybe the items coordinate by using the same fabric. You get the idea. There will be no assigned item you have to make. This is all about making your partner happy!!!

The small item can be handmade or purchased. You might want to send a quilting book in the tote you made or napkin rings with the table runner. It’s up to you:)

You MUST post a mosaic to the group before submitting your form. If you don’t have a mosaic up when we get your form, your form will be deleted.

Please fill out your form thoroughly. This helps your partner know what you want. Everyone wants to make something amazing for their partner:)

This is a blind swap. Do NOT tell your partner who you are! They will find out when they receive your item. That’s part of the fun:)

This swap is for your best work! We have all been guilty of waiting until the last minute to complete a project and that is okay, but make sure that you give yourself enough time to make something AMAZING!

Be active. Comment often in the group. It helps your partner see what you like. And be kind. It is possible to say something is not your style without being rude. “That’s really cool, but aqua and orange aren’t my favorites.” is okay. “That sucks. Why would you put orange and aqua next to one another?? They are hideous.” is NOT okay.

Mail on time! If you ship late this round, you will sit out next round. If you are a no-sender, you are out of the group permanently. If something happens where you cannot complete the project, please contact your swap mama as soon as you know you’re in trouble. Life happens and we are reasonable people. But everyone deserves their project on time!

No batiks, cival war, gingham, calico or non-modern fabric. Seriously, none of it. If you don’t have a modern stash, this swap is not for you.

You must be willing to ship internationally.

We hope to swap 2-4 times per year. You can join the group at any time, but sign ups will be for each individual round!

Have fun. Play nice. And don’t run with scissors!! :)

Here is the sign up form!

Grab the button for your blog:


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xo LC & Mel

3 thoughts on “Sew Sew Modern 2

  1. oh Lee you temptress — you might have lured me in on this one. If I can get through the technical language (mostly about photo requirements) in the requirements I’m game. I’m in a blog hop today ( ) and somehow managed to delete all my photos when trying to change the font color — this computer does like to fight with me. but I did get the pink beauty finished and ready for the guild meeting next week.

  2. I want to be involved in a swap but don’t have experience in all the technical portion. Is there a swapping for dummies book? Or would anybody be willing to take a chance and assist in what I need to do to join swaps.

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