Designer Star in Miniature

** If you’re Malia, STOP reading! **

My cousin Malia’s baby shower is in Raleigh this weekend! I’m very bummed that I’m going to miss it:( But I wanted some of my quilty goodness to be there!!
Malia is doing a pink and grey nursery. She lives in a cool old farmhouse in New Hampshire and has great mod taste! I decided on pink, grey and white fabrics! I also decided to use my Designer Star pattern and just reduce the size. Instead of 9″ squares, I used 4 1/2″. (Sidenote: If you decide you want to do this, the background pieces are 3/8″ smaller than all the other squares.)

Here it is all basted! Ready to get my quilt on!20130228-074719.jpg

I took some quilting lessons from my quilty friend Kelly! I tested out some of my new skills!! I still need more practice, but I’m quite proud of the shell quilting in the star!!


I used the scraps of the pink fabrics for the binding! I ran out of thread (shocker!) and had to switch to light grey for the curls in the outside section:)


I found the PERFECT backing at Linderella’s! I bought all they had which was sadly only enough to back this quilt.


All rolled up and mailed to Raleigh!


And here is the whole quilt!


Congratulations Malia & Jon! I’m so excited for y’all!!

xo LC


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  1. Gorgeous! I mailed Mom my gift this week too. Handmade stuffed elephant, grey with pink ears. It’s embroidered all over with pink and white flowers, swirls, and french knots. I was going for that texture contrast babies like, so the fabrics are different degrees of softness, and the embroidery is very tangible. I have pictures if you want to see it, since you can’t be there either. Please hug your dad for me.

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