Meet My New Friend!! GIVEAWAY

There’s a new addition to my sewing studio!! I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!

It’s a Bernina 350 Special Edition from my friends at Sew Original. And I’m in love!! Check out the cool “special edition” artwork…so fun:)

I needed a machine that travels well and still packs a big punch! This little guy comes with everything a quilter needs…the famed Bernina walking foot, 1/4″ foot and a free motion foot.


Plus some things that I cannot live without. The knee lift! I can chain piece like nobody’s business with the knee lift.

It’s the same hook system as my old machine:) Which is great because it works so well and is easy to keep clean and oil.

And there are a ton of decorative stitches I’m now obsessed with!! Bert, my old machine was great, but in addition to being insanely heavy, he did not have very many stitches:( Here are just a few of the 80+ stitches that I’m now enjoying!





Nothing sews like a Bernina!
And now to the fun part, he (or she) needs a name!! Comment below to nominate a name. If I choose your name, you’ll get some awesomeness from me! Fabric? Maybe. A pouch? Maybe. Cool notions? Maybe. All of the above?? Probably;) So start naming!
xo LC

Sew South

Well, my friends, I’ve just had the most inspirational, creative, amazing, awe-inspiring, motivational, fulfilling, friendship forming weekend of my life. There were actual tears when we left. Actual tears. I went to SEW SOUTH!
First off, thank you to the amazing Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane Quilts who put it all together. The stars aligned when this group of talented ladies came together!
We kicked it all off with a fun filled day of fabric shopping!


And what’s the only thing better than fabric shopping…cocktails! We got to meet everyone and put a face with a name. It was an hour of, “You’re (insert awesome blog/Flickr name/Instagram here)!” Lots of laughs:) This is Diane & Lindsey who both taught classes. And Karen & Mel who are in my Usual Suspects Bee!! I’d never met them in “real life” but we were instafriends!

There were just so many talented folks!! Thursday night, we got set up for a weekend of sewing! Our welcome packs included rotary cutters and cutting boards from the sponsors. And an insanely helpful interfacing guide from Pellon! I’m thinking about making these for my students.

On Friday, we started sewing with a paper piecing class with Jennifer. She’d made a cute star project. But I was behind on some Lonestar blocks, so I worked on those.

Then we started the duffle class! Lindsey deserves sainthood for teaching this class in such a small space to so many folks! The duffle became a rite of passage. Every time anyone finished, the whole room cheered!



Saturday, we made a clutch with Diane. She is just awesome and her pattern is fabulous!! I cannot wait to make more! UPDATE: Diane’s pattern is free on Craftsy!

Here are some of the amazing projects from everyone!!




There was sewing, sewing and more sewing!! And a hugely helpful keynote from Leah Day!!

We also did a sample swap. You were supposed to make four of something and bring it to swap. I was in group six! Full of awesomeness!! I made these totes! It’s a free pattern from Ellen Luckett Baker.

And I got these!

In a moment reminiscent of Oprah, Jennifer surprised us with swag bags! The best quote about the swag bags…better than Christmas because it was tons of stuff we actually want!! Thank you Pellon, Westminster, Wyndham, Allison Glass, Aurifil, Joann, Coats & Clark, Dritz, Warm & Natural, Insulbrite and everyone else for the most amazing bag of loot!! We were speechless!

The one thing I cannot put into this post that I wish I could is the feeling of community. These are my people!! I loved getting to know each and every one of you! I am already counting the moments until SewSouth2014!!
xo LC
A few more pics just for fun!







A Wonderful Web

Yesterday was such a fun day of quilting!! I started by enjoying Linda’s Demo Day! She had all kinds of fun tools to show and great tips!!

A few highlights:
–When you starch your fabric, you should spray the back and iron the front. This way the starch penetrates the fabric and doesn’t get immediately vaporized by the iron. I’d heard this before, but the (important) detail of ironing on the front was left off. So I had previously ignored it as it made no sense!! But now I’m on board:)
–There is a really cool new tool that checks your 1/4″ seam. I’d never seen it before, but it’s very clever!
–When chain piecing, you should take at least five stitches in between to have a long enough tail to prevent unraveling stitches. I know I’m guilty of taking fewer!
–Always measure at each stage of piecing! I usually do this, but it’s a good thing to remember:)
–When using monofilament, mark the end of the thread with a permanent marker so you can see to thread the needle.
–To preserve a clean ironing surface, press freezer paper to your ironing surface (shiny side down). This works great for fusibles and papers created on a copier/printer. The freezer paper can be easily removed when you’re finished.
Thanks Linda for being such a wealth of knowledge!! I always love being in your shop, but yesterday was the best:)
After the demo, I got to see Sally! Sally had taken Designer Star a few months ago. She had just gotten her quilt back from the quilter!! It’s gorgeous!




Then it was time for class! I was teaching a spiderweb quilt!

I had three students…two repeat offenders and a newbie:) It was great to see Michelle and Pat again and Yvette is just lovely!

They had to work pretty hard to stay random for the scrappy strips.

The add-a-quarter ruler is the best for paper piecing!

And look at their gorgeous blocks!! Michelle is doing all black and white with a hint of lime green. She’s making a queen size…that’s a lot of blocks!

And Pat is doing bright yellows and yellow-oranges. We picked out her fabric just before class:)

And Yvette’s! It’s full if lots if Tula awesomeness!! She’s making this one for her daughter-in-law and has already selected fabrics for her daughter as well!

I hope everyone else had as great a National Quilting Day as I did!
xo LC

Happy Quilting Day

Today is NATIONAL QUILTING DAY! In my life, almost every day is a quilting day, but today I celebrate with all my peeps:)
I’m excited because I’m heading to Linderella’s to teach! I’m going early because they have lots of festivities planned. I’ll tell you all about them tomorrow.
Here’s some eye candy to honor the day…Gail and Casey’s voile string quilts from the class at The Little General. They did a beautiful job!!
Casey used a soft lavender for her foundation fabric. She worked in a few pieces of linen; I love it!

And Gail’s gorgeous quilt!! She used aqua for her foundation. The pops of color are gorgeous!!

And this beauty is by Debbie! She took my voile spiderweb class at Sew Original last fall. She just got it back from the quilters. Sew Sisters did the quilting! They used a mulberry colored thread. The whole thing is amazing!! Debbie better watch out because I might steal it;) It is full of Tula Pink amazingness!

Happy National Quilting Day!! I hope you all spend the day quilting and visiting your LQS!
xo LC

A LONG Time Coming

It’s been a long time coming, I finally sent one of my quilts to a longarmer!! I know! It’s crazy that I haven’t before…but Ginabean did an AMAZING job!
I made the Modern Cross quilt from Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal! It’s one of my most favorite quilty books and available at all of my LQSs- Sew Original, Studio Stitch and The Little General. I consider it a must own!!

I’ve been wanting to make this quilt since I got the book! I just love it:) I knew I wanted to use Denyse Schmidt fabric. Her aesthetic is the perfect vintage, but still bright feel for a modern log cabin quilt. My background is FreeSpirit Cream. The quilt on the cover is Kona Snow (which I love), but I wanted it a little creamier. I tested out a few backgrounds: Bella Snow, FreeSpirit Artic White, Kona Snow & FreeSpirit Cream. I took photos, but you can’t even see the difference (so I’ll spare you)!
The pattern also called to offset the rows with solid rectangles. I decided I liked the look of the offset rows, but made 1/2 cross blocks instead of the solid rectangles. So I needed 68 different prints. I was (briefly) concerned that I wouldn’t have enough prints, but turns out I had 108 different Denyse Schmidt fabrics! My one issue is that the instructions offered no pressing instructions and I hate open seams…so I had to spend some time figuring out how to lock all the seams.
Here is the quilt top finished!
And the back! The book had this great back design in it. I love it! The design in the book is the opposite with cream everywhere and a print cross, but I didn’t want that much cream on my back. I love this print from Hope Valley!!
There was a small (major) snafu with the backing. I blindly followed the directions in the book. I realized too late that it was only giving about 1″ all the way around of extra fabric. Gina had requested 4″. I sewed on a patch. With the patch, I knew my cross would’ve been off center. I told Gina it would be okay if that happened, but she knows me and knew I’d be disappointed. She’s a rockstar quilter and got my cross centered and perfect!! But, if you make it, you’ll want to add to the back so your longarmer doesn’t cuss you! I’m sure my name was mud for a few minutes there:( The quilt in the book is tied, not quilted, so an inch all the way around does make sense. Live & learn!
And my neatly pressed, thread removed quilt top and backing were off to Gina!! She had passed out a really helpful information sheet on how to prepare the quilt top and backing.
This is the first moment I saw the amazing quilting!! Gina posted to Instagram:) There was squealing…
For the binding, I did scrappy. I wanted the strips to be all different lengths and all different prints. I love it, but one fabric is so much easier!! Binding is always my least favorite part. I don’t like making it or sewing it. And the guru is still out of commission to hand sew, so I had to sew it myself:(

I love all the different prints! One of my favorite things about Denyse Schmidt is that her different lines all go together. She uses colors that have a hint of grey in them and the palettes blend well. Love her:)

The quilting Gina did is perfect!! She used one of her new pantographs. She has a whole library of designs.

Here’s the full quilt in all its glory! My class for this project starts next week at Studio Stitch. I’m really looking forward to it!

xo LC

Quilt in a Day


I’m adding a new class to my line up! My color theory class at Linderella’s, Sew Original & Studio Stitch has gone over pretty well and I wanted to offer a different color class at The Little General. Something new and fresh! This class will focus on choosing an inspiration fabric and developing a palette from there. While the color basics are the same (it is what it is…), students will learn how to build a collection of fabric perfect for their next quilt! So I needed a sample…
I’ve had this quilt in my mind for months, ever since I started developing ideas for Understanding the Rainbow (<---that's the name of the class, how fun is that?!) Tuesday night, I pulled some fabrics! I wanted to make the sample using the full color spectrum. 20130314-065527.jpg
And then I cut some circles! More on that here.

And I “glued” them down using the powers of wonder under! I’d initially thought that I wanted the final quilt to be in the shape of a hexie. But now I wasn’t so sure… And I wasn’t happy with my blue or green- both too dark a shade.

So I slept on it. Yesterday was Modern Fabric Group Therapy with Karen Gray and I wanted to be able to show a sample and tell everyone about the class. So I got up early, chose a new blue and green, cut new circles, and made this! Much better!! I decided the hexie shape was a no-go for me as well. The blue is still slightly darker than I’d like, but it’s a lovely royal blue which is hard to find!

I wanted the circles to pop up, so I densely quilted the background avoiding the circles. I’m pretty proud of my quilting! I’ve decided to really focus on my free motion skills this year and I can already see a huge improvement!! My friend Kelly has helped me out A LOT!

I was not quite finished before the meeting, but y’all know I’ll show an “in-progress project” in the blink if an eye! So I showed it off to a warm reception. And when I got home, I finished off the quilting! I’d initially thought I’d blanket stitch around the circles, but once I did some samples, I decided on zig zag.

And then voila!! Understanding the Rainbow, complete in one day:) I did have to sew the last side of the binding this morning.



I really love how the back looks, but boy can you see all my stitches!! No close ups of that:)

The class is April 13 & 20, from 1-3:30. Email me to reserve your spot! Hope you love the rainbow!!
xo LC

A Finish & a Few Classes

^^ First off, check out my slightly edited banner! And now back to our regularly scheduled program…
I finished this a while ago, but I just got some pictures! It’s my Designer Star made with Amy Butler Alchemy. And quilted by yours truly! I used the guru’s Bernina 830.
An accent stripe down the back.
Pebbles everywhere! Well, not technically everywhere, but in all the white. I used a light grey thread so the pebbles would show.
The thread is Sulky 30 wt which I love! It does produce a lot of lint though.
There is LOTS of pebbling:) It definitely took time and seven spools of sulky.
And one more pic:)

This beauty is hanging at The Little General.
In teaching world, I had a great group at Studio Stitch for Color Theory last week! Jan has this awesome Morse sewing machine.

I’d never seen a Morse before, but I love old machines:)

Look at those cool dials!

Deb chose great colors. She’s starting to gain confidence in her selections.

Debbie was already an excellent paper piecer!!

Everyone did a great job with getting started! I can’t wait to see their finished projects. The Morse in action!!

And I had another fun group for Designer Star at Sew Original.

Sue is making this for an auction at Salem Academy. Their colors are purple and gold.

Marilyn chose some beautiful French General prints.

And Jane made this one with Alchemy as well. She’s going to give it to her sister for her birthday.

Now I’m heading back to the studio:) Happy Sewing!
xo LC

An Ellie by Emmaline

** If you’re Malia, STOP reading! **

As you might know, my cousin Malia’s baby shower is tomorrow! My quilty goodness has already arrived in Raleigh safely. Well my other cousin, Emmaline, commented on that post that she’d made an Ellie!

Naturally I emailed her for pictures! I knew she was an uber talented hand embroiderer, but she really outdid herself!! Isn’t this the cutest?!




The ears are my favorite!! So cute! Lucky Malia’s baby:) The pattern is Elephant Softies Tilly and Tommy by Retro Mama.
Talent runs in the family…Emmaline’s mother, also Emmaline, is an amazing quilter and knitter:)
I’m so sad that I won’t be at the shower tomorrow, but I’ll be there in spirit!
xo LC