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I’m adding a new class to my line up! My color theory class at Linderella’s, Sew Original & Studio Stitch has gone over pretty well and I wanted to offer a different color class at The Little General. Something new and fresh! This class will focus on choosing an inspiration fabric and developing a palette from there. While the color basics are the same (it is what it is…), students will learn how to build a collection of fabric perfect for their next quilt! So I needed a sample…
I’ve had this quilt in my mind for months, ever since I started developing ideas for Understanding the Rainbow (<---that's the name of the class, how fun is that?!) Tuesday night, I pulled some fabrics! I wanted to make the sample using the full color spectrum. 20130314-065527.jpg
And then I cut some circles! More on that here.

And I “glued” them down using the powers of wonder under! I’d initially thought that I wanted the final quilt to be in the shape of a hexie. But now I wasn’t so sure… And I wasn’t happy with my blue or green- both too dark a shade.

So I slept on it. Yesterday was Modern Fabric Group Therapy with Karen Gray and I wanted to be able to show a sample and tell everyone about the class. So I got up early, chose a new blue and green, cut new circles, and made this! Much better!! I decided the hexie shape was a no-go for me as well. The blue is still slightly darker than I’d like, but it’s a lovely royal blue which is hard to find!

I wanted the circles to pop up, so I densely quilted the background avoiding the circles. I’m pretty proud of my quilting! I’ve decided to really focus on my free motion skills this year and I can already see a huge improvement!! My friend Kelly has helped me out A LOT!

I was not quite finished before the meeting, but y’all know I’ll show an “in-progress project” in the blink if an eye! So I showed it off to a warm reception. And when I got home, I finished off the quilting! I’d initially thought I’d blanket stitch around the circles, but once I did some samples, I decided on zig zag.

And then voila!! Understanding the Rainbow, complete in one day:) I did have to sew the last side of the binding this morning.



I really love how the back looks, but boy can you see all my stitches!! No close ups of that:)

The class is April 13 & 20, from 1-3:30. Email me to reserve your spot! Hope you love the rainbow!!
xo LC

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  1. great job and the quilting looks great. I am going to look at my schedule and make sure I am not signed up for a craft fair that weekend, but I would love to take this class.

    • I used Quilters Dream Cotton Request. It’s pretty thin, which I’ve found to be more forgiving when I have dense quilting one place and large areas with light or no quilting. That could all be in my head though:) It’s one of my favorite battings!

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