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Yesterday was such a fun day of quilting!! I started by enjoying Linda’s Demo Day! She had all kinds of fun tools to show and great tips!!

A few highlights:
–When you starch your fabric, you should spray the back and iron the front. This way the starch penetrates the fabric and doesn’t get immediately vaporized by the iron. I’d heard this before, but the (important) detail of ironing on the front was left off. So I had previously ignored it as it made no sense!! But now I’m on board:)
–There is a really cool new tool that checks your 1/4″ seam. I’d never seen it before, but it’s very clever!
–When chain piecing, you should take at least five stitches in between to have a long enough tail to prevent unraveling stitches. I know I’m guilty of taking fewer!
–Always measure at each stage of piecing! I usually do this, but it’s a good thing to remember:)
–When using monofilament, mark the end of the thread with a permanent marker so you can see to thread the needle.
–To preserve a clean ironing surface, press freezer paper to your ironing surface (shiny side down). This works great for fusibles and papers created on a copier/printer. The freezer paper can be easily removed when you’re finished.
Thanks Linda for being such a wealth of knowledge!! I always love being in your shop, but yesterday was the best:)
After the demo, I got to see Sally! Sally had taken Designer Star a few months ago. She had just gotten her quilt back from the quilter!! It’s gorgeous!




Then it was time for class! I was teaching a spiderweb quilt!

I had three students…two repeat offenders and a newbie:) It was great to see Michelle and Pat again and Yvette is just lovely!

They had to work pretty hard to stay random for the scrappy strips.

The add-a-quarter ruler is the best for paper piecing!

And look at their gorgeous blocks!! Michelle is doing all black and white with a hint of lime green. She’s making a queen size…that’s a lot of blocks!

And Pat is doing bright yellows and yellow-oranges. We picked out her fabric just before class:)

And Yvette’s! It’s full if lots if Tula awesomeness!! She’s making this one for her daughter-in-law and has already selected fabrics for her daughter as well!

I hope everyone else had as great a National Quilting Day as I did!
xo LC

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  1. Interesting tips – thanks! It looks like your students are doing great work! I updated my blog yesterday. Did it show up in your feed? It showed up in some others so I know it’s working for some.

  2. As always, it is so much fun to have YOU teach at the shop! Thanks for blogging about Linderella’s and your most kind comments regarding the shop! We just love ya!

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