Meet My New Friend!! GIVEAWAY

There’s a new addition to my sewing studio!! I GOT A NEW SEWING MACHINE!

It’s a Bernina 350 Special Edition from my friends at Sew Original. And I’m in love!! Check out the cool “special edition” artwork…so fun:)

I needed a machine that travels well and still packs a big punch! This little guy comes with everything a quilter needs…the famed Bernina walking foot, 1/4″ foot and a free motion foot.


Plus some things that I cannot live without. The knee lift! I can chain piece like nobody’s business with the knee lift.

It’s the same hook system as my old machine:) Which is great because it works so well and is easy to keep clean and oil.

And there are a ton of decorative stitches I’m now obsessed with!! Bert, my old machine was great, but in addition to being insanely heavy, he did not have very many stitches:( Here are just a few of the 80+ stitches that I’m now enjoying!





Nothing sews like a Bernina!
And now to the fun part, he (or she) needs a name!! Comment below to nominate a name. If I choose your name, you’ll get some awesomeness from me! Fabric? Maybe. A pouch? Maybe. Cool notions? Maybe. All of the above?? Probably;) So start naming!
xo LC

28 thoughts on “Meet My New Friend!! GIVEAWAY

  1. I think you should name WW (short for Wonder Woman) since she out performs Bert (who I assume is a man) You know how women can usually work circles around men (except for Tim at the $5 quilt meeting – LOL)

  2. I love the knee lift too. I have a hard time sewing without it.

    How about Macy (from MayC — May Chappell). Or Chappy since it will be your new CHAP (friend).


    The name Windell is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Windell is: Traveler; wanderer.

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  4. Hmm, I’m not good at creative naming but this looks like a nice machine. How about Cheese? Then your two babies and Mack and Cheese!

  5. How about Nina? :) i think with the graphic and the fact that it handled the duffle, it’s a bad ass lady! And likes fabric like Nina Garcia.

  6. Lee this is a CUTE machine and I went to the bernina site and it also comes in a pink whimisicla cersion as well — and I may be in love. Is this a small machine like a 3/4 machine designed for portability? I tried looking at the specks but couldn’t find a weight listed.

    As for the machine it looks like a girl machine and I think you should call her Athenia after Pigwidgeon the small adorable owl in Harry Potter who’s scientific name is Athene noctua. Cute, full of life, serves a needed purpose and it’s an owl and we all know how awsome owles are.

  7. Wow! What a fabulous new machine! :) How about Nestor (which means Traveller) or Odina (which means Divine Creative Inspiration)… Have fun choosing a name! :)

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