I’m Swooning

I’ve long been a fan if the Swoon Block! It’s fun to make and has big impact. This quarter, I’m teaching the block at Studio Stitch & Linderella’s:) I made my sample for Studio Stitch into a pillow. I used Tula Pink Saltwater!

I thought I’d share a straight line quilting tip with y’all! Sometimes, when I’m straight line quilting, I am using the seams as a guide for a line but I want to continue across an area staying true to the line without a seam as a guide. I have a lot if trouble with marking because the halo that a lot of marking tools leave makes me crazy!

I use my metal seam guide ruler and lay it across the unmarked area.

And then I just sew along the edge of the ruler! This way, I stay straight and don’t leave any residue.

Do y’all have any other tips for this situation? What do you like to mark with?
Here some close ups of my finished pillow:)




This baby is off to Studio Stitch this week!
In other news, I hope you’ve all entered my Happy 100 GIVEAWAY! In the midst of the commenting frenzy, I passed another milestone! I got my 1.000th comment on the blog!! Congratulations Shauna Trueblood, you’re going to get a little surprise in the mail!! I’ll email you:)

xo LC

6 thoughts on “I’m Swooning

  1. such a great tip– i’ve tried this with an acrylic ruller but due ot the thickness it doesn’t work that well. I do like hte new frixion pens — they don’t seem to leave residue.

  2. This is sooo beautiful! Love the fabric, love the colors! Wish I didn’t have to wait until June. Ugh. I have a Hera Marker that I use sometimes. Don’t know if this is right situation for it…

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