Triple Threat

The day started out great with the Designer Star at Sew Original! Lesley is making her very first quilt!! She’s an avid garment sewer; I’m going to convert her;)
Check out what she made! Tula + Amy!!
Then I headed to The Little General for two more classes! Patsy showed me her first Designer Star that she made with the resizing directions. This is one of my favorite all time fabric lines!! I love it!
Then Understanding the Rainbow got underway. I’m so proud of their color groupings!!
Laurie used an inspiration photo and selected this beautiful palette. She found the perfect fabric for the middle!
Jennifer chose these delicious neutrals and pinks. She’s going to use both the sparrow and the pink dots in the middle.
And Patsy selected these owls (LOVE!) and combined it with some scraps from her Designer Star and a few others from that line.
I cannot wait to see what they make!! This is the pattern they’re working on.20130420-205159.jpg
Then the string voile class brought in their finished blocks! Jennifer finished quite a few; they look wonderful! We tested out different arrangements.
This one will look better with more blocks.
While I enjoy both these arrangements, I think the chevrons get my vote!

And Heather’s blocks! I didn’t take a picture of all of them (fail, I know), but they’re looking great. She’s using quilters’ weight cotton foundation pieced with paper.

Tomorrow…Noodlehead 241!
xo LC

2 thoughts on “Triple Threat

  1. so wish I had been able to make it to the designer star class, it loos like you all had a great time and that Tula and Amy is beautiful . I do have my fabrics ready but something came up. I got some great stash bits and will be making it starting with 5 inch squares.

  2. Where you stated “we tried different arrangements, your first arrangement I can Hugs and Kisses or Christian Fish. :) It looks like X’s and O’s (depending on which way your eye follows the lines. Or if you think of a fish with a square body instead of a round/oval one, then the crossed lines making the tail, that is what jumped out at me. :) Thanks for sharing all this quilty goodness.

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