Yesterday afternoon was another Noodlehead 241 tote class at The Little General. This is such a great bag to make!
I had two students. Cynthia, who I’ve known for a while, was taking her first class with me. I was glad that it finally worked out for her to take my class!

And Gail, who’s taken quite a few of my classes! Always happy to see her:)

They both did great! It was nice that the shop has four machines, so we set up a piecing and a top stitching machine for each of them.
I’m obsessed with this dot fabric that Cynthia used. And she was sweet enough to give me a GIANT scrap!!!

Gail has to trim all her threads:)

HELPFUL HINT ALERT! The first time I made this tote, the guru taught me a trick for perfect top stitching on the pockets. It was very helpful, but I had not been able to use it on the final top stitching of the top of the bag. Until now! Due to Cynthia’s insistence that there had to be a way, I figured it out. You can scrunch up the bag and sew through the hole left in the lining. (This will only make sense if you follow the steps in the other post.)

One great thing about this bag is that everyone finishes! Check out Cynthia’s bag!!

Excellent top stitching! Top stitching is what makes a tote look finished and well made. She used a great variegated thread.

And Gail’s tote! She made it for her daughter-in-law who loves birds. I love this Aviary 2 fabric!!

More awesome top stitching! This class is mostly about how to do neat top stitching. This was the first time Gail sewed curves; she did great!

Love the fussy cutting!

Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
xo LC

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