Quilting for Jane

The guru’s good friend Jane recently took my Designer Star class and made this.

She used Amy Butler Alchemy. She had liked this one that I made:) We switched up the placement some.
She is making it for her sister Julie. Julie is an AMAZING person. I know this firsthand:) I was once trapped at the Providence airport in bad weather with no hotels or rental cars available. Julie and her husband came and rescued me. I had never met them and they graciously opened their home to me. We ended up having a wonderful time! She makes lace and is uber talented, so we bonded over handwork:)
So, when Jane asked me to quilt Julie’s quilt, I had to revise my “I don’t quilt for other people policy.” I knew I had to do it. And here it is!

I did my usual infinities. Had to stick with designs I’m good at:)

I varied the directions to add interest.

Jane is going to finish the binding. I hope Julie loves it. I’m proud of the quilting and very proud of Jane!!
xo LC

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  1. As always, you did a fantastic job. You are such a nice person! You never fail to make me smile.

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