The Mystery Bin

I have a bin in my sewing room of projects I’m working on. I brought the whole thing with me on vacation this week. I’m embarrassed to admit how many things that should have been done forever ago were in there. At the bottom, buried! Some had completely slipped my mind. BUT I’m excited to show a lot of what I finished!!
This potholder was made with my tutorial for my friend Debbie for CHRISTMAS! I gifted it to her with the binding not sewn down, but now it’s finished:)

And this little pouch for Gina from the TMQG holiday party. When I gave it to her, the zipper didn’t work (always test your zipper)! I had to rip everything out and put in a whole new zipper. I’m sad to give it away, but she’s a sweetheart, so I will:)

Little label on the inside! I also filled it with goodies to make up for the eternity it took me to replace the zipper!!

And a mug rug. As you might know, I think mug rugs are dumb. My mug does not need a rug;) (I have one exception in an awesome mug rug that Aylin made me with fussy cut Tula Pink frogs. I heart it and it sits by MayC every day.) But generally, I’m not a fan:/ When I lived in Wilmington, we made mug rugs at a guild meeting. It was well over a year ago. Once more, unfinished binding. Agh, the binding gets me every time!! Now it is done and about to be donated to the guild prize bin.

Apparently I thought turquoise quilting thread was a good idea…

Mack tested. And approved!

And the M pillow! I made this for Melody as a thank you for speaking at the TMQG. I gave it to her while she was here, but, again, the binding was never finished. The overall theme of this post…I don’t like binding! Since Melody is MissLetterM on Instagram, I thought this would be fun. I also did some recon and found out she likes Archtextures:)

Please pardon the lumpy picture. I already gave Melody the insert, so this is stuffed with my sweatshirt. I used a fun vintage label print for the backing.

There’s more, but you can’t see it until it’s been received:) So stay tuned…such a fun week of sewing!
xo LC

9 thoughts on “The Mystery Bin

  1. We all have projects like that. My longest ever time to finish something was a Christmas cross stitch sampler that took 17 years. When I started it I had pencilled in the date and my name on the chart to personalise it, but by the end I had even changed my name as i was married so I needed to rechart it too.

  2. At first I hated binding. But now, I see it as a transitional time, the winding down of a project.
    And Mack, he is just so darn cute!
    Hope you are having a good week!

  3. I just want to learn to BIND to see if I HATE it….. Mug rug? New term for me; Goggled it and got patterns…scary that there wasn’t a definition. Must be an OK thing if Mack approves. My week of finishing UFOs hasn’t been as fruitful.

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