I Wish I Made This!

Earlier this Spring, Debbie took my Modern Cross class. She did an AMAZING job and I have complete quilt envy!! Look at it!


Quilt. Envy. I’m so impressed! I just love it! She’s sending it off to be quilted. I cannot wait to see the finished quilt!! She’s going to have to watch out because I want to steal it;)
xo LC

10 thoughts on “I Wish I Made This!

  1. This is an amazing quilt! Just fabulous….appealing on so many levels! You both should be very proud!

  2. Wow! Thanks Lee for posting this! and thanks to everyone for the kind remarks! You are so right. Lee is a great teacher, always there with encouragement and constructive advice. This started as a haphazard selection of fabrics (I love bright colors). I saw a similar layout in Tula Pink’s Modern Blocks book and it happened to work for me. Now, it’s time for the 9 yards of backing (whew) and off to be quilted!

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