Nebraska Bound: Day 3!

Monday morning started in Boonville! I’m still wanting to write BOONEville, but I’ll get over it:) Not going to lie, we stayed there because of the awesome town name.


We set out early with Kansas City in our sights! Thanks to my friends on Instagram, we had a list of great fabric shops in the area!!


First up was Harper’s. It is a cute little shop with some fun finds!


I love this bed display!! Awesome quilt!


I love how the shop is set up! They have all the fabric in cool vintage hutches and such.


I found some Tula Pink Plume! PLUME!! I love old school Tula! And then I got a shot cotton and a cool geometric print.


Then we headed to Lawrence! Totally worth the trip, but a bit out of the way. Lawrence is a cool college town and reminded me of Austin in some ways.


And we found Sarah’s. Sarah’s is basically the motherland of modern fabric. I am in love!! I wish I lived closer!


Look at all the fabric!! And this isn’t all of it…I couldn’t get a picture with everything!


I bought some LIBERTY! Those ladders are my new most favorite fabric!!


And Echino! So much yumminess:)


And these! Art Gallery Ovals…I love them:) And an AMH feather linen…I’m planning a tote! Cute typewriters…I’m thinking they would make cute quilt labels. And the amazing furniture print. Yes, that is a llama with a lampshade. There was so much goodness!! I wanted it all!


After the most amazing fabric experience ever, we had the BEST burger at The Burger Stand. Truffle oil fries were involved.


Then it was off to Omaha! There were lots of farms along the way.


In Omaha, we headed to The Quilt Studio! My friend Carey on Instagram works there.


It’s adorable and full of fabric goodness!


Here’s my loot! Art Gallery and yummy dots! Plus a great stripe for bindings.


And then we finally (almost) arrived in Fremont! I still can’t believe there’s a sign for Wahoo with the sign for Fremont. I love it!!


We had a meet and greet and learned about Fremont. And promptly crashed…so tired…


The story continues tomorrow!
xo LC

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  1. We’re so glad you stopped by, you’ve got me seriously contemplating a light summer blouse with a hint of Liberty! Happy to hear the Burger Stand passed muster!

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