North Carolina Bound: Day 8!

Friday after the barn quilt festivities, we drove to Kansas City. We had a sweet note from Lida (one of the gals at Country Traditions). We love her!!!


We wanted to be a little closer to home awesome fabric shops! We started the day at Missouri Star Quilt Company.


The whole shop is full of adorableness!


There is TONS of fabric!!


And cute quilts everywhere!! They encourage picture taking and are happy to help you with the how-tos.


I’ve always loved their online videos. It’s such a teaching shop. The staff is really the shop’s biggest asset!! They were all friendly and helpful:)


If you’re ever in the area, it’s worth the trip! Look at that yumminess!!


So much thread!


The shop is HUGE!!


My loot! Some Pezzy & Happy-Go-Lucky dots!!


I also bought a few prints that I’d not seen before.


And some pre-cuts…it is Missouri Star Quilt Company after all;) The prices are really good. I bought that fat quarter only because I liked the label. (The fabric is pretty cute too!) As a packaging designer in an earlier life, I love cute packaging;)


Another great thing they do is EMAIL you a receipt that lists each fabric you bought in detail! That’s so handy:) The shop is in a very cute town called Hamilton; it’s not too far from Kansas City!


One thing I will say about this trip…we live in a beautiful country. This is somewhere in Missouri between Hamilton and Brookfield.


Then we headed to a quilt shop/Christmas tree farm. I do love my Christmas trees, but I was after fabric deals. We’d heard that nothing was over $8.99 and lots was $3.99-5.99!! And a lot of it is MODA:)


I bought some Modern Vintage and dots!


And this sweet Riley Blake print; I had not seen it before. It’s adorable!! The shop is delightful and the owner is just as sweet as she can be! Definitely head over if you’re in the area:)


And then we headed to lunch at AJ’s in Macon! (Based on the recommendation of the ladies at Missouri Star.)


We ordered the famous onion rings!! Delicious!


We decided we might need to stop shopping so we just enjoyed the drive! We were not on the Interstate for a bit:/ More beautiful country!!


And we passed 2000 miles for the trip! Gail “lead foot” Kuehn was driving! (Gosh, the car is dusty…)


We stopped at this little gem. It’s everything you’re imagining and more…


Crossing the Missouri River.


I was in charge of mixing a new batch of trail mix. I was a smidge heavy on the M&M’s…yummy!


Crossing back through St Louis! It felt good to be back on the east side of the Mississippi!!


Tempted to head to Chicago to see Baby O! We crossed the bottom of Illinois.


And then Indiana!! We made it all the way to Louisville, KY for the night:)


One more day!!
xo LC

13 thoughts on “North Carolina Bound: Day 8!

  1. I liv just 7 miles east of Ozarkland. lol. Never heard of Hoffmeier quilt shop. Is there enough modern fabric to make the 2 hour trip?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoyed it. Started to say especially liked the country shots but then it occurred to me that I liked all of it. Sounds like a totally enjoyable “wish I was there” trip. A kindred spirit in NC dodging storms.

  3. Oh gosh such a wonderful trip, I live just south of Lexington,KY if you ever go again I’d be so happy to make the trip with you! I also love meeting quilters since I am so new to this journey of a lifetime!

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