Quilty Duffel

Mel is one of my favorite online sewing folk:) We’ve done tons of fabric swaps, bees, and of course Sew Sew Modern together! She has a ridiculous stash…it makes mine look like a beginner!! And EVERY TIME I have a hard to find Tula or out of print Laurie Wisbrun that I want, Mel has it! And she’s generous!!
Soooo, in exchange for tons of awesomeness sent my way, I made her a duffel. I saw this Simplicity pattern and loved the shape. I have made tons of other bags. I must say that this is my new favorite travel bag. The directions are very clear! And if you’re a quilter, the directions on quilting will give you a good laugh! And if you’re not a quilter, you could follow those directions and quilt it:)


I made a few adjustments because…well, I can’t resist! I’d initially planned the piping, but it was just not looking right, so I used binding on the edges of the pockets and nothing around the ends. I removed the inside pocket because it seemed too small to be helpful. And I bought nylon webbing for the straps. Two reasons: 1. I think they look more polished, are sturdier and last longer. 2. Making straps is not in my top ten list. Or my top 100 list. Or my top 1000 list. Okay, it’s not on any list. I don’t like it:(


This is the other side!


I used lots of fun prints that I thought Mel would like!


Mel loves Melody Miller so I had this signed for her when Melody was here. Mel has told me that this picture looks like her Mom:)


A little surprise for a fellow dog lover.


I quilted each of the panels differently with my developing FMQ skills. I love to practice on busy fabrics.


And a tote that I’d made to match!


With a little appliqué Charm School:)


Lots of fun quilty goodness!
xo LC

18 thoughts on “Quilty Duffel

  1. why is it your bag always make me want to start making bags also. This is another great bag and your friend is going to love it (unless she’s insane)

  2. Good Job!! Is that a Two-Day-Tote? Is this what you were doing when you answered my text at 4:45am!

  3. Awsome! Mel is soooo sweet and generous, she truly deserves it! One of my very favorite people:-) The bag is so nice, I love all the details! Amazing sewing, as always.

  4. It is truly a masterpiece!!!! I love it and every single fabric is so personal!! Thank you bunches and bunches and bunches!!!!! xoxo

  5. Amazing. I really want to be good enough at sewing one day to make something like this. I especially love your electic fabric choices. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Great duffle! it is so Totally Mel – what a great friend and swap mamma! (I can only imagine her stash) And look at those FMQ designs- You are working it girl! Perfect!

  7. The bags look awesome! Your friend will love them I’m sure :) Wish I could say I have been productive too, but work is putting a crimp on that lol

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