Lee & Thee Camp

Last weekend, the guru forwarded me a message from one of her friends. She was looking for a kid sewing camp for her granddaughter. After calling all the local shops and discovering that their camp was either not this week or full, I volunteered! I don’t usually teach kiddos, but Elisabeth was very anxious to learn more about sewing. I was in! It was dubbed “lee & thee camp”.
We needed to choose a project! I suggested a pouch or mini coin purse. Or maybe a dress? And she said…yes! Yes! And yes!! So we chose this free pattern from Anna Maria Horner.


We altered the pattern to be dress length. And we did seven rows of elastic instead of four. I might have to make one for myself!! Elisabeth was REALLY excited!


She learned proper pinning:)


The in progress version!


And she’s back for day two! We finished up her dress and started her American Girl’s dress.


Next up…the pouches!!


Look at that top stitching!! She’s awesome:) Cool fabric flower courtesy of my lesson from Chrissy last weekend.


I think she likes it!!


And the photoshoot! She’s adorable!!


We added a scrap so her doll dress could be a dress:) She didn’t have much fabric left from her dress.


Two pouches AND two dresses…not bad for two days!! She was a wonderful student; I think she learned a lot!!


Hopefully she has a lifetime of sewing ahead of her!
xo LC

9 thoughts on “Lee & Thee Camp

  1. That is so exciting! You are awesome. I basically learned to sew from a kind person who taught me because she believed in passing it on. Cheers to many other people getting addicted!

  2. Lovely, Lee…just lovely! The dresses, Elizabeth, the pouch and your kindness and patience….Lovely!

  3. How wonderful! She will always remember this “camp” and how you encouraged her sewing enthusiasm. And great projects. Love those flower embellishments!

  4. That is just wonderful to see a young girl learning to sew, and with so much excitement about it. She did such a good job, esp. for her first time to sew anything. Thank you Lee for your patience in working with her…there is a sewing star in the crown of anyone who takes the time to pass this craft along to the next generation.

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