Festive Bunting TUTORIAL


I’m back with Twelve MORE Weeks of Christmas! Today, we are making some festive bunting. I’m using holiday fabrics and planning on decking the halls, but this would also be a great project for a nursery or special party!

And away we go!
1. Fabric & Supplies: You need 1/4 yard of two fabrics, an 8 x 44″ piece of batting and 4 yards of ribbon. If you’re a quilter, this is a great use for those long strips of batting leftover from a quilt. If you’re not a quilter, ask your quilty friends for scraps!


SIDENOTE: I chose two holiday fabrics that I love, not necessarily two fabrics that look great together. I chose a ticking for an old fashioned look and happy snowman for a more mod festive look. This makes the bunting more versatile as I can flip to the other side next year or for a party:)

You will also need a pinking blade for your rotary cutter and a marking pen. I use Frixion.


2. Cutting: Cut both your fabrics to 8″ x wof (width of fabric).


Trim your batting to exactly 8″ as well. The length should be about 44″, but is not as important.


3. Ironing: Press one of your fabrics to the batting.


Now press the other fabric to the other side of the batting. You will have created a sandwich with batting in the middle and each fabric right side facing out.


SIDENOTE: I’ve found that ironing the fabrics to the batting keeps them together well enough for me to sew. However, if you like, you could spray baste or pin.

4. Marking: Using a Frixion pen or similar, you will now mark the bunting. Mark on whichever side is easier to see the lines; for me, this is the ticking. You will lay the fabric sandwich on your cutting mat and draw lines diagonally 2″ apart. Look at all three images and it should make sense!




Also mark 1 1/4″ from the edge along the full wof (44″) on both edges.


This is what you should have.


5. Sewing: Read through all of Step Five before starting to sew. Sew 1/4″ from the angled lines drawn starting 1 1/4″ from the edge.


Back stitch at the beginning and end.


Pivot at the point along the 1 1/4″ line.


Start here with back stitching.


Sew to here and pivot.


Finishing here with back stitching.


All the flags should be sewn like this.


6. Pinking the Flags: Cut along the angled lines separating the flags using a pinking rotary blade.


You should have 20-21 flags.


7. Attaching the Ribbon & Finishing: Leave a 24″ tail to tie up the bunting. Pin the first flag by sliding the ribbon behind the fabric and positioning it at the 1 1/4″ line.


Place the ribbon behind both the fabric and the batting on the second flag. Leave 1/4″ between flags.


Continue on alternating between putting the ribbon behind just the fabric and both fabric and batting. Attach all flags.


Trim the top of each flag with the pinking rotary blade 1/4″ above the ribbon.


Press to remove the Frixion marks.


Hang your bunting & enjoy!


And remember to enjoy both sides!


Please add pictures to my Made with May Chappell Flickr group! I love to see what you make!!
xo LC

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  1. This is great! I looked at that pinking blade on Saturday and thought that I needed it! Wish that I had brought it home with me.

  2. I just bought some fabric to make the wall hanging with 5 Christmas Trees that are appli cated on the white fabric from
    Sew Original in Winston Salem< NC. I have been unable to find the tutorial to make this weall han ging. please help me .

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