Handy Handwork

I’ve never been much of a fan of handwork. The guru does most of my hand binding and I avoid embroidery like the plague…until now!! I stopped by Knit One Smock Too a few weeks ago and saw this adorableness made by Martha. It’s from Aneela Hoey’s Little Stitches book.


So I signed up for her class. She’s a FABULOUS teacher. She’s very clear and knows her stuff! She explains things really well and simplifies the steps. Previously, all my embroidery “skills” were “self-taught” so she was a welcome addition to my skill set. If you’re local, you need to take a class from her:) This is my practice cloth from class.


After class, I finished my little snow globe. Is it a little more wobbly than Martha’s? Yes, yes it is. Am I cool with that? Yes, yes I am. As Martha would say…it’s a towel!


Then I decided to use my new (mad) skills for my pincushion swap. My partner loves the beach:) So I did a little starfish.


It went well. One of the things that Martha taught us were granitos. They’re awesome and I was able to do graduated dots on the starfish legs.


I finished it off with ric-rac. I’ve loved this look since I saw it in the Liberty Love book.


I also sent her a one of my Christmas Tree pinnies from my Twelve More Weeks of Christmas series. She seemed pretty happy:) Perfection.


I got this adorable pinnie from my friend Leona. She always makes the cutest things!!


I also decided to use my newfound skills for the hoop art swap for my Usual Suspects bee. My partner has not received it yet, so it’s still a surprise!! Sewing is Amazeballs!


I’ve now organized my floss and bought all new needles under Martha’s direction. I’m very excited about my new car ride activity!


I’m finding embroidery to be really relaxing. Are you an embroidery fan?
xo LC

10 thoughts on “Handy Handwork

  1. Like you I wasn’t a fan. My mother took 40 years to make a tablecloth, all roses and tulips etc and I thought it old fashioned. Then i decided to add a little picture label on the back of a quilt and I did a chicken. It was so cute I wanted to do more. Then I saw the Garden Steps quilt by Clover and Violet and have just made 20 little pictures to go into the centre of log cabin blocks for a first bed quilt for my grandaughter. It is such fun to search for cute little embroidered pictures which are modern and very effective. I have found a new hobby and hope you have too.

  2. I love handwork as it keeps me from feeding my mouth but sadly it also keeps me from moving when all my other hobbies are also sitting which is not helping the weight issue. Funny but not.

  3. Wonderful work! I learned basic embroidery years ago but haven’t done it in ages. I remember most of the stitches but is there a book you could recommend with patterns? I think I’d like to refresh my memory before I start drawing my own!

    • There is a useful website here http://www.needlenthread.com/videos (I don’t know any other way to show a link I’m afraid)
      which has very clear videos of all the stitches and how to do them which I found to be a great resource.
      S is for Stitch by KRISTYNE CZEPURYK is a nice little book with lots of little designs as well as basics which I appreciate as a new stitcher.

  4. You’re on a roll! I’m self-taught too but I’d love to learn how to make the back of my work look a little neater and those graduated dots intrigue me. I think I’ll get the embroidery kit back together now.

  5. I love your starfish (as you might imagine). I really enjoy handwork but don’t get to it as much as machine work. I’ve never heard of granitos – that must be the wider outline stitch you have there. Its really pretty! And what nice nails you have!

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