Swooning Over Here

Do you ever have a day (or weekend) where you have a giant To Do List, but you just want to work on something else?! Well, this was one of those weekends! I have a million things that I should be sewing, but instead I swooned! It all started at Linderella’s; I saw the gorgeous Winter’s Lane.


I am just really in love with this line! I almost never make things from just one line. I love mixing fabric too much. But I knew I had to have an all Winter’s Lane quilt!! So I decided to Swoon:) I’ve made plenty of swoon blocks, but I don’t have a swoon quilt…yet! So I cut!


And cut some more! These are the nine pairings I chose. Each swoon uses two fabrics. I chose Kona Snow for my background. LOVE!


Swoon is mostly HSTs (half square triangles) and flying geese. I started to dream of a trimming fairy about halfway though the stack of HSTs. A pressing fairy would be nice too!


I used the bloc loc and I’d estimate it cut my time in half…if not more. You don’t even have to look; it just locks in. Everytime.


I also used the bloc loc for flying geese. Equally amazing!!


I love pretty trimmings! I save them for packages.


I’ve finished all the HSTs and flying goose units. (I stole the phrase “flying goose units” from the bloc loc video. Is that what they’re called? I have no idea, but I like it! So that’s what they’re called now!!)


And I’ve pieced together the first block!!


I must return to my list for now, but it was a great break!! And quite productive! I think this quilt will be mine. Only eight more to go!
xo LC

12 thoughts on “Swooning Over Here

  1. Beautiful! I have 3 Swoon blocks made out of Hope Valley and I don’t have any more in me. Now what? They are just sitting there lonely. :(

  2. winters lane is a beautiful line and your swoon blocks are going to be lovely. I love that you using the trimmings as packaging. I’m looking forward to ordering my block lock soon.

  3. Like you I fell in love and bout the whole line but can you make a swoon with a FQ of each fabric? You block is beautiful! I have snow around here! Kona that is. I guess I should find the pattern! As always you inspire me! Thank you!

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