Good Times on the TMQG Retreat

This past weekend was the Triad Modern Quilt Guild Retreat! We headed up to the mountains for quilting and fun. And I’m already looking forward to the next one!


We all finished LOTS of things; there’s nothing like a few days of dedicated sewing. I started out working on my mod red-white-blue quilt. I finished the top, but more on that later!


And I worked on my Acacia Lazy Sunday throw. It’s a gift for my SURMA bee. We are having “a very SURMA Christmas” gift exchange.


Kim made an aeroplane bag!! It’s awesome!


Casey finished her blocks for her AMH quilt. They’re gorgeous!!


Katie finished this quilt top among MANY other things. It’s a Jaybird Quilts Lazy Angle pattern. It’s a charity quilt made from the guild stash.


And Teri worked on this beauty. She’s using a mix of Anna Maria Horner lines. Gorgeous!!


And Annette worked on her Holiday Swoon! It went from being a full sized quilt to being a wall hanging:) Swoons are a lot of work, but they sure are gorgeous!!


Mack the chihuahua had a great weekend. He milked attention from everyone!!


A great time was has by all! The gals were really sweet to gift me a ton of Aurifil thread since I hosted! I cannot wait to dive in!! Thanks y’all! I’m pretty sure that teal will be perfect for quilting my Acacia quilt.


And Kim gifted me this Ghastlies table runner that I’d been coveting. It’s so fun!!!


We had a blast!!
xo LC

Eye on the Prize

One of the best things when you teach is to see the finished work of your students! My Elements of Color class was full of lots of friends from my guild, so I issued a challenge… Finish your project before the next guild meeting (and bring it as show & tell) and you can have anything from my stash. Challenge accepted!
Casey not only finished, she did AMAZING quilting! AMAZING!! I’m so impressed. Look at all that Tula!


Kim also finished! She’s an over achiever and put a mini version in the middle. And her quilting is also amazing!!


I love them! Great job! Annette, Janet & Ann (<--- The Guru's real name) are all still at work I'm sure! xo LC

City Sampler Stars

This week was the meeting of the morning crowd for City Sampler. I was beside myself with excitement to see what everyone had made!! They all did an amazing job:) First up was Debbie! She’s using grey, black, white and pink. She’s decided to add small accents of purple, yellow and aqua. Very small accents. It’s awesome!


Then Lori showed her stuff! Her colors are gorgeous! Bright. Fun. Very Lori! She had a few that came out a little large. She blames her Mom. Her Mom blames her texting. I’m still not sure what happened!


Next up was Patti! Aka Lori’s Mom:) I’m really enjoying having these two in class; they remind me of The Guru and me. Patti is also using bright and fun! They’re looking great. She’s got a few still in process, but they’re looking awesome:)


Theresa did an AMAZING job. She has a wonderful sense of color. And she found that Legacy print for her sashing. It is perfect!


Next up was Tomoe. She’s using all black and white. There was a lot of talk about adding color and she’s decided to add a thin sashing of fuchsia. Her blocks are gorgeous!!


And she used the cutest Japanese print. I had to get a close up!!


And last (but not least!) was Sue! She’s using all Kaffe with some solids. Her blocks are great! She has really good contrast without it looking crazy. It’s hard to use all Kaffe, but hers look wonderful!!


Last night I met with Cynthia for a makeup class. Hers are also looking wonderful!! She’s using bright pinks and oranges that are very not her, but this quilt is a present. I love her fussy cut choices!!


Gail also had to miss class, but she sent me a photo. They’re looking good! She has used a variety of colors and values, but kept everything balanced.


I’m so proud!! Everyone did such a great job! I cannot wait to see what they make next month:)
xo LC

Lazy Thursday

A few weeks ago I made TWO Lazy Sunday quilts during the Mother/Daughter Sewdown! They’re fun to make and fast…two qualities I look for in quilts!


I used High Street for this version. It’s such a bright and happy line.


I quilted this with my usual infinity swirls. It’s my go-to quilt pattern.


I think I might keep this one. I really love the colors. But for now, it’s heading to Sewingly Yours! I’ll be teaching it there next quarter.


And my other version is Sweet Serenade. It looks totally different, but is also lovely!


I quilted this with swirly shell shapes (probably not the technical name…).


These colors are so calming! This one is for The Guru! It matches her home quite well, but it’s heading to Papanana’s for now! I’m teaching this there next month!


Two more finishes!! Woot!
xo LC

A Busy Week!

Last Saturday was my Designer Star class at Linderellas! For me, walking into Linderellas feels like coming home; it’s bright & cheerful and Linda & Carl are the best! We had a blast! We half square triangled (Is that a verb? It is now!) like nobodies business.


A few of the students are newer to quilting, but everyone did great!


First up is Connie! She considered doing a 10″ version, but we talked her off the ledge. The 10″ version is gorgeous, but requires very precise cutting and piecing; a great project to spread out over a few days! I was so excited to finally meet Connie. She had won a giveaway and she’d been registered for the class I had to cancel for my trip to Nebraska. We’ve chatted via email, but hadn’t met. And she is delightful! And made a beautiful Designer Star!


And Shirley!! She’s made two quilts on her own and this was her first class! She sews a PERFECT straight stitch which is not all that common among new quilters:) Getting a nice 1/4″ seam is the first step to quilting. She did an amazing job! She’s great fun and I’m looking forward to seeing her in another class.


Here’s Tabitha’s! She’s also new to quilting, but is an accomplished garment sewer. She was also full of entertaining stories, which we love! She did an excellent job. I think she’s a fan because she left the shop with materials for another quilt! New quilter alert!!


And Michelle! She somehow alluded being in my picture. Michelle has taken quite a few of my classes and I love having her! She used Kate Spain’s new line Sunnyside; I NEED a Sunnyside Designer Star! The layout…


And she’s already done!! Amazing!!


Tuesday night was class two of the evening City Sampler at The Little General! I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s blocks! And I definitely was not disappointed! This is Sarah (British Sarah as I call her since I have a few friends named Sarah:). She’s questioning the colors of the blocks that we put down at the bottom. I’ve suggested she wait to see if she needs to remake them. No need to start that now when they might end up fitting in with the whole quilt.


And Joan!! She’s an overachiever and has made lots of blocks! She’s doing a rainbow version and has lots of cool fussy cuts in there!!


And The Guru! That’s right, The Guru is in the house for City Sampler:) She is using Denyse Schmidt’s new line Florence and mixing in solids and a few complementary prints! I’m loving what she has so far!


And mine! I’m making one along with the group! It started out to be mod red, white and blue. But I added lime and grey:) It is completely different than my Tula version which makes me happy!


Last night was the makeup class for my voile string class at Studio Stitch! Cathy couldn’t make it, but Mary and Justiann had fun! Mary is going to lay hers out in chevrons. Stunning!


And Justi us doing lattice. She is using a lot of those V&A voiles. I love them! Plus she selected a plum background to set them off. Amazing!


I really enjoy teaching and getting to meet so many amazing people! And I already cannot wait to see next week’s City Sampler class!
xo LC

Elemental Color

All of my classes are great fun to teach, but my color classes hold a special place in my heart. I love color! I recently introduced my Elements of Color class at Sewingly Yours. The class was a great success and I’m already looking forward to teaching it again next quarter. My original sample was just a quilt top…but now I’ve quilted it!!


I declared 2013 to be “the year of FMQ”, so I’ve been trying to really focus on that.


Infinity loops and pebbles are definitely two of my go-to shapes. But I can see that I’m getting better!


I’m going to keep working. I might even try a new shape soon;)


I think this one might need to live in my sewing studio!


xo LC

City Sampled FINISH!

Today’s the big day…I’m finally getting to show you my City Sampled quilt!! I made it with Tula Pink’s new book City Sampler: 100 Modern Blocks. I showed y’all my 100 113 blocks here! (I needed more because I set them on point:) And my quilt has returned home from the quilter!!! I’m so excited! And I’m in love…


This quilt has been in the works since long before the book was even published. I’m a HUGE Tula Pink fan (stalker?) and I had decided that I had to have some of each piece of fabric she had ever designed. Not some of each line…I wanted every print. Since her early lines are out of print and hard to find, I had to search far and wide. I had a lot of them, but I was definitely missing quite a few. Lots of my online sewing friends REALLY helped out (especially Mel!) and I finally got them! So this quilt has a piece of every fabric she ever designed. Every. Single. Fabric. When the book came out, I knew it was the perfect project. I repeated a few, but most of them are just in one block. I chose a rainbow layout, but more blend rainbow than row by row of color.


The quilting is by Sheri Collette of Maxine & Me. She did a FABULOUS job. I’m thrilled! She and I came up with the idea of radiating quadrants with various patterns. I wanted it to look like it was quilted from the back without actually being quilted from the back. It was a great collaboration and the quilting really complements the quilt. Kudos Sheri!


Speaking of the back…I used a Prince Charming quilt back. It was a gift from some of my Sew South friends during our reunion weekend. Thank you Christen, Christina, Chrissy, Holli, Kim, Melissa, Nicole, Sarah, Tessa & Xandi!! (Sorry for the less than excellent picture…this quilt is HUGE and The Guru is 5’2″!)


At the bottom, I put all of the selvages from Tula Pink’s first eleven lines. And a little label. And my Tula Pink autograph:)

20131003-112442.jpgI’m really in love with the back!


This is my favorite block. The Full Moon Forest owls are just awesome!


And my favorite section of quilting! Sheri is amazing!!


And more quilting I love! She definitely used the fabric to inspire.

20131003-112601.jpg She did some spotlight quilting in circles throughout. The Neptune really shows the pebbles.

20131003-112634.jpg Another favorite block!


I also have to give a shout out to Joan Schnute! She hand sewed my binding for me. I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks and it was a dream to drop off the quilt and pick it up the next evening with all the binding complete! Thank you Joan! If you’re local and you want her card, just let me know!

I hope y’all like my homage to Tula! And in case you’re wondering, City Sampled will be living with me:)

xo LC

Mother Daughter Sewdown

Last year at Sew South, I met some amazing peeps! One great thing about some of the gals I met is that they also got their love of all things textile from their moms. (Y’all know I learned all from my Mom aka The Guru.) Chrissy decided it would be fun to coordinate a Mother Daughter Sewdown. Obviously The Guru and I were in!! Chrissy had heard about this great retreat center in Waynesville. It’s all set up for a fabulous sewing or quilting retreat…complete with books, rulers, cutting tables, ironing stations and lots of adorable rooms to sleep in! This is the outside. I spy a BARN QUILT! Here was the team: Chrissy & her mom Linda, The Guru and I, Nicole and Sweet Vic and Amanda Jean and her mom Bev!


My pictures of the inside were not awesome (messy). I swiped this one from Chrissy’s instagram feed. Look at all the books!! BOOKS!!


I putzed around on Friday night chatting away. So, Saturday, I was ready to get my sew on! I brought two layer cakes to make my new Lazy Sunday Quilt pattern! I decided to make them simultaneously. Sweet Serenade is a gorgeous muted line with blacks, peaches, teals and creams.


While High Street is bright and fun!


I finished up Sunday morning just before we left! I’ll be showing more of these when I finish them:)


I’m also excited to report that Sew Lux Fabric is now offering the Lazy Sunday pattern as part of a kit! They have High Street and Sweet Serenade with plans for more in the near future. This quilt is so fun to put together!! The guru also made her blocks for a Lazy Sunday baby quilt! She used Road 15. I love it!!


Another great surprise!! Nicole brought her Designer Star to show off!


As always, I should have been better about getting pictures of everyone! I had a great time!! We are already planning the next Mother Daughter Sewdown…

xo LC