City Sampled FINISH!

Today’s the big day…I’m finally getting to show you my City Sampled quilt!! I made it with Tula Pink’s new book City Sampler: 100 Modern Blocks. I showed y’all my 100 113 blocks here! (I needed more because I set them on point:) And my quilt has returned home from the quilter!!! I’m so excited! And I’m in love…


This quilt has been in the works since long before the book was even published. I’m a HUGE Tula Pink fan (stalker?) and I had decided that I had to have some of each piece of fabric she had ever designed. Not some of each line…I wanted every print. Since her early lines are out of print and hard to find, I had to search far and wide. I had a lot of them, but I was definitely missing quite a few. Lots of my online sewing friends REALLY helped out (especially Mel!) and I finally got them! So this quilt has a piece of every fabric she ever designed. Every. Single. Fabric. When the book came out, I knew it was the perfect project. I repeated a few, but most of them are just in one block. I chose a rainbow layout, but more blend rainbow than row by row of color.


The quilting is by Sheri Collette of Maxine & Me. She did a FABULOUS job. I’m thrilled! She and I came up with the idea of radiating quadrants with various patterns. I wanted it to look like it was quilted from the back without actually being quilted from the back. It was a great collaboration and the quilting really complements the quilt. Kudos Sheri!


Speaking of the back…I used a Prince Charming quilt back. It was a gift from some of my Sew South friends during our reunion weekend. Thank you Christen, Christina, Chrissy, Holli, Kim, Melissa, Nicole, Sarah, Tessa & Xandi!! (Sorry for the less than excellent picture…this quilt is HUGE and The Guru is 5’2″!)


At the bottom, I put all of the selvages from Tula Pink’s first eleven lines. And a little label. And my Tula Pink autograph:)

20131003-112442.jpgI’m really in love with the back!


This is my favorite block. The Full Moon Forest owls are just awesome!


And my favorite section of quilting! Sheri is amazing!!


And more quilting I love! She definitely used the fabric to inspire.

20131003-112601.jpg She did some spotlight quilting in circles throughout. The Neptune really shows the pebbles.

20131003-112634.jpg Another favorite block!


I also have to give a shout out to Joan Schnute! She hand sewed my binding for me. I’ve been crazy busy the last few weeks and it was a dream to drop off the quilt and pick it up the next evening with all the binding complete! Thank you Joan! If you’re local and you want her card, just let me know!

I hope y’all like my homage to Tula! And in case you’re wondering, City Sampled will be living with me:)

xo LC

41 thoughts on “City Sampled FINISH!

  1. It turned out AMAZING! The back is perfect!!! I love how you included her autograph and the selvages. Has Tula seen it? How did she respond?

  2. YAY! It’s fanTABulous! I do not know Sheri Collette, but her work is super! Of course, you might guess that this is my fave quilt of yours EVAH! I so might copy your lil historical block at the bottom back! And I just ordered more seaweed and submarines to make sure I have plenty for the sashing (I can’t believe I squandered a yard of it in a charm swap–I must have been drugged!) I prolly won’t get every print in mine… I want a good sampling of the lines, but don’t think I will achieve that as I feel like I am over-hoarding now, LOL! Can’t wait til Tula comments on it. Last question: will it live on a bed or be guarded in a glass case? ;) Great job, Girlie! :D

  3. This was just beautiful! I liked how the colors seem to float across the quilt. It was very cool that you included all of the selvages from Tula Pink’s first eleven lines as part of the back with your label. Lovely job!

  4. LEE! This quilt is so incredibly you. I am pretty stoked to see it all finished and just perfect. That back kills me. It is just perfect. Perfect.

  5. Absolutely Amazing!!! I think that owl came from my stash in a swap we did!!! I’m in the City Sampler QAL and about 60% thru using hope valley but your quilt is amazing and using every one of her fabrics!! Love the selvage block and frog prince back, now I can’t wait to finish mine

  6. Wow. This is just stunning!! I can hardly believe you have EVERY fabric in here – just amazing and awesome. And I love your bits of detail on the back – like the selvages. Beyond beautiful!

    • just looking at this again – so amazing and great that every fabric is in it, and the selvedges are such a great addition – i would be surprised if Tula herself didn’t beg you to have it for herself!!

  7. Spectacular! Love the on point placement of the blocks, the Tula fabric thoroughness, the selvages (and everything about the back) and of course the quilting is amazing! Curious as to the colors you used in the sashing and edges. Congratulations!

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