Elemental Color

All of my classes are great fun to teach, but my color classes hold a special place in my heart. I love color! I recently introduced my Elements of Color class at Sewingly Yours. The class was a great success and I’m already looking forward to teaching it again next quarter. My original sample was just a quilt top…but now I’ve quilted it!!


I declared 2013 to be “the year of FMQ”, so I’ve been trying to really focus on that.


Infinity loops and pebbles are definitely two of my go-to shapes. But I can see that I’m getting better!


I’m going to keep working. I might even try a new shape soon;)


I think this one might need to live in my sewing studio!


xo LC

12 thoughts on “Elemental Color

  1. Bee-U-Tee-Full!!! I think your FMQ is lovely. Since I am a rank beginner, my infinity loops look like drunken chicken footprints. :D

  2. This was really beautiful and I love the way that you quilted it. I’m going to have to try doing some infinity loops after looking at yours! They’re so pretty.

  3. Funny – I declared 2014 the year of FMQ. So far I have just added supplies to my Amazon Wish List. But for the first time ever I really feel the need to just do it already. Goal for 2013 was paper piecing, and you know how wildly successful that was. So rare for me to set a goal. (Is that my secret – I only set goals that are sure things? Could be why I’m such a low achiever!)

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