City Sampler Stars

This week was the meeting of the morning crowd for City Sampler. I was beside myself with excitement to see what everyone had made!! They all did an amazing job:) First up was Debbie! She’s using grey, black, white and pink. She’s decided to add small accents of purple, yellow and aqua. Very small accents. It’s awesome!


Then Lori showed her stuff! Her colors are gorgeous! Bright. Fun. Very Lori! She had a few that came out a little large. She blames her Mom. Her Mom blames her texting. I’m still not sure what happened!


Next up was Patti! Aka Lori’s Mom:) I’m really enjoying having these two in class; they remind me of The Guru and me. Patti is also using bright and fun! They’re looking great. She’s got a few still in process, but they’re looking awesome:)


Theresa did an AMAZING job. She has a wonderful sense of color. And she found that Legacy print for her sashing. It is perfect!


Next up was Tomoe. She’s using all black and white. There was a lot of talk about adding color and she’s decided to add a thin sashing of fuchsia. Her blocks are gorgeous!!


And she used the cutest Japanese print. I had to get a close up!!


And last (but not least!) was Sue! She’s using all Kaffe with some solids. Her blocks are great! She has really good contrast without it looking crazy. It’s hard to use all Kaffe, but hers look wonderful!!


Last night I met with Cynthia for a makeup class. Hers are also looking wonderful!! She’s using bright pinks and oranges that are very not her, but this quilt is a present. I love her fussy cut choices!!


Gail also had to miss class, but she sent me a photo. They’re looking good! She has used a variety of colors and values, but kept everything balanced.


I’m so proud!! Everyone did such a great job! I cannot wait to see what they make next month:)
xo LC

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