The Green Machine Reborn

Travel back in time to 1997, I was about to graduate high school and The Guru offered to make me a quilt. Green was my favorite color (it’s still a favorite), so I requested a scrappy quilt made with all different green fabrics. It being 1997, strip piecing didn’t cross our minds. So I cut 1800+ 2 3/4″ squares. Not 2 1/2″. Not 3″. But 2 3/4″. I’m sure at the time, there was a reason, but I don’t remember why we settled on that size. I did all the cutting while The Guru pieced. We also didn’t leave the layout to chance so we laid out all the squares in the den. Obviously. Once it was pieced, I requested hand quilting 1/4″ inside each square. I know, I want to smack my seventeen year old self. So, the quilting started. And then it kind of was at a stand still. The Green Machine became a part of family lore. Every few years, she would ask if I still liked it (I did.). And then it would go back into storage.


Fast forward to 2001, my parents had just bought a mountain cabin and we wanted to make quilts for it! We decided on a pattern of irregular nine-patches and hour glass blocks. We pulled lots from our stashes. This purple floral was the fabric from my third grade picture dress.


I made some shorts for summer camp out of that blue heart fabric.


And we worked in lots of cabin, moose and snowmen fabric. I paired all the fabrics for the hour glass blocks so we’d have two opposing darks and two opposing lights. I failed to communicate this to The Guru, so she sewed them as two darks next to each other and two lights next to each other. We’ve moved on.


One more fast forward to the summer of 2013, The Guru had grown tired of looking at this project. So she pieced like a mad woman and finished it up!


Once she was finished, we were talking about how to back it. I suggested the Green Machine! Add some improv piecing by The Guru to make the back more interesting and we were done!


The finished product! Quilted by the talented Sheri Collette of Maxine & Me with a pantograph!!


I think it’s perfect! Another mother/daughter quilt (and our oldest work in progress) in the completed pile!!
xo LC

10 thoughts on “The Green Machine Reborn

  1. A wonderful heirloom…..precious. The best line of the story “I want to smack my seventeen year old self.” I want to see my child write this line in the future! Please Lord!!

  2. Having been there since the beginning of the green machine, I am thrilled to see its final form. A great testament to you both!

  3. Love it! Thought the Green Machine was awesome when I first saw it (years ago!!), but it’s even more awesome paired with the 9-patch/hour glass top! Perfect for Up Home!

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