Lazy at Linderellas

Well I’m a week late posting this, but this class was amazing, so you must see what they made! Last Saturday, I taught Lazy Sunday at Linderellas. It was such a great group full of old friends: Wendy, Pat & Connie and new friends: Colleen & Katie! Carl got us crackers!


Wendy is using Sweetwater Noteworthy. I really really really love this line!! It has such fresh colors and cute little prints. She added some spots from Amy Butler which look great.


And Pat is doing High Street! I love this! I’ve made it with this line as well; it’s amazing how different it looks though! Gorgeous!!


This class was tons of fun! There was lots of chatter and laughing, two things I strongly support! (Random side note: For everyone who knows my cousin Cam, how much do Wendy and Cam look alike?!)


And Colleen! Colleen is Connie’s daughter, so I felt like I already knew her:) She’s making this for her house and selected fabrics to match! I love that it has a full range from light to dark. Very pretty!!


And Katie! Katie is fresh off her Quilting 101 class with Linda and ready for more! She sews a straight seam and that’s half the battle! This is a gift for her Mom and it’s a really cute patriotic line. Awesome!


I think this pretty much sums up how much fun we were having!


I’m sure I will see this group again! Everyone finished all their blocks, so hopefully we will see finished quilts soon:)
xo LC

4 thoughts on “Lazy at Linderellas

  1. Going to get to Linderella’s if I have to walk! This class looks like so much fun! Crackers?(that is how I got the charms for my charm bracelet) My favorite…..I really hate I missed it. Great people in the class and a great quilt as well…great quilt shop…what’s not to love? almost forgot, the best teacher!

  2. Maypo??? Is that even a thing?!?!
    Omg I had SO. MUCH. FUN. at this class!! I didn’t finish my quilt in time for Christmas so I’ll just surprise her with it whenever it’s done. Let me know when you’ll be back in town, can’t wait! Xoxo

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