Winter Swoon

It’s finally finished! And photographed!! My Swoon (pattern by Thimble Blossoms) made with Winter’s Lane!


I started this back in September and talked about it here. I wanted to have this quilted by my friend Gina Boone. I told her I wanted feathers everywhere! Feathers! Feathers!! Feathers!!!


I followed the pattern for the Swoon blocks, but I increased the sashing to 3″ finished and added a 5″ finished border. Mine finished 90 x 90″.


I just can’t get over the quilting!! She’s insanely talented! Look at those feathers!!


This quilt is for me! I’m putting it on my bed. I love this fabric and it makes me happy!!


She did medallion feathers in each of the centers. She’s a genius.


Here’s one more gratuitous picture of the quilting.


Okay. One more. :)


Guess who isn’t supposed to touch this quilt?! It’s too pretty and white. (I used Kona Snow for the background.) But don’t worry, he already made himself at home during the photo shoot. Oh Mack the Chihuahua, what am I going to do with you?


Pretty blue binding by The Guru! And me. We both had to work on this behemoth.


I’m off to finish a few more things before we ring in 2014!
xo LC

22 thoughts on “Winter Swoon

  1. I think adding the extra sashing and borders really makes the blocks show off. What a gorgeous quilt and yes the quilting is lovely.

  2. Lovely! The piecing and the quilting! I have three Swoon blocks made out of Hope Valley and they’re just sitting waiting for a fourth. I was going to widen the sashing a bit and try to get 60″x60″.

  3. Really too beautiful for words; great photography too and then precious Mack! What a blog entry! A special quilt!

  4. Lee, it is easy to do beautiful quilting when it is a beautiful quilt to start with. I am so happy that you wanted me to do the quilting on it. I am very pleased that you love it and that you wanted and love my feathers!

  5. Lee a beautiful quilt made with beautiful fabric – my favourite line this year – and beautiful quilting. Two talented ladies!

  6. It is beautiful, as is all of your work. You are so talented! Question?? When do you ever sleep? It would be OK to curl up on that pretty quilt and take a nap. You deserve it.

  7. Favorite quilt and favorite picture of Mack. What is your quilter’s name? (if she does it for others)

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