First Finish

I rang in 2014 with a quick little project!! I made these phone and iPad pillows. I don’t actually have an iPad, but The Guru does and she’s a sharer.


The pattern is from Diane of From Blank Pages. I won it on Instagram!! Diane’s patterns are great! The only thing I did different was stuff them with crushed walnut shells instead of fish rocks. I already had them and it made the pillow a nice weight. This was also a really quick project!! They took about 30 minutes to sew and then another 30 minutes to stuff and hand sew.


I actually won one for me AND one for Sarah! We were ridiculously excited!!


Sarah and I FaceTime sew and this is a common view because we end up laying down the phones…


Well not anymore my friends, I’ve got a pillow for my phone!
xo LC

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